Monday, 22 April 2019

Tukola bagaya

Tukola bagaya - Ungratefulness

My emotions are not for free,
Ayeh, I offered them to you at no cost
I gave you the liberty to rock my boat,
And like tide you steered me off course

Tukola Bagaya

You brought your ego on board,
Now your elephant is weighing us down.
I have tried to turn a blind eye and play clown,
It has made me your subject, I now worship your crown.

Tukola bagaya

Tangled in bewilderment I ask myself why
One would break a home that has been tamed,
By letting in promiscuity of chimpanzees,
Yet we vowed to be bound by the grace of swans.

And when faced by confrontation,
Their tongues slither and tell bold lies,
Maybe a lie is used to protect those we respect,
But if you ought to show respect why lie to yourself?

Tukola bagaya

When we got locked into this like chains,
I gave no false hope that we would last till eternity,
Ayeh I've played my part not to set false standard,
And I have stayed true despite it not being enough.

Tukola bagaya

Now here you are wielding power you desired,
Using it to your advantage instead of letting it sand us-
To smoothen out our flaws and leave out what you frowned upon.
Have you not become the double standard that put you off?

Tukola bagaya

if our hubris gets the best of us,
Our wings are clipped and we fall from grace,
And our whims and desires cloud our judgement
We then put our selfish interests before those we love,

As if that's not enough we lose sight of who we truly are,
We embody these false personas because they fit the moment,
Forgetting that who we've become is not the reason we're loved,
Then we go bananas wondering why our confidants have left us.

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