Monday, 22 April 2019

Mu Maaso awo (in front there\in our eyes)

Mu Maaso awo (in front there\in our eyes)

Rubaga, Nsambya, Mengo, mulago,

Ug is the new baby boomers home,
Ayeh, we are producing poverty
What worries me is there's minimal opportunity for our ill trained mentalities
We Import three times more than we export,
Records say a quarter of our exports are cheeyo,
The remainder is what we signed agreements never to add value to,
so we borrow money just to reinvest in imports, and retain perpetual debt

Tubilabila mu maaso awo

Kamocha, Munyonyo, Muyenga, Kololo, bugolobi

Since anchor families of different nationalities run the country,
We've become minorities watching our coaches play hard ball on home ground,
And we are an audience with the excitement of a kivulu.
We get carried away by trivial things failing to see the bigger picture.
The power struggles are our  entertainment,
the top guns run the show so we're short of options,
So we cling onto people power because of fleeting hope,
And if you speak to the masses most of them don't really understand what they want.

Tubilabila mu maaso awo

Awo ku Parliament, state house, nku kirira NY govumenti

Having failed to dictate our own ideology,
we adopted westernised capitalism so power and money
zisigala mu bagaga baffe abayindi na bachina naye bameka abakimanyi?
So they script that we're entrepreneurial
but we don't really know how to do business,
our businesses are not in production
We sell imported clothes and boda, and add no value to our produce,
So how do we compete in this fourth revolution?

Tubilabila mu maaso awo

Iganga, Ibanda, kotido, mubende

Some roads have been made owaye, the bypass' and highways are commendable
Abasoga twafunye bridge, batunooma nti tusika chapatti,
It's steady progress if you ask me,
Ayeh, ownership is going to be reverted back to those we contracted,
So with corruption embedded in the system,
our credit loans  are impossible to finance and sustain,
And any change of hands won't make a difference,
when the change we need to make is from within

Tubilabila mu maaso awo...

Industrial area, namanve, katwe, kasese

Canneries are literally pouring out of the skies,
We're just too distracted to understand why,
We have Turkish in our salt, Indians in our cotton, Arabs in our gold, British in our oil, Chinese in our coffee, & and no Ugandan to stand in and halt.
Our debt burden and dead aid has given way for our take over, Ayeh;
we're too busy listening to leg over to fathom the weight of the burden on our shoulders.
We're the third poorest country; it's alarming,
and with communism advancing in stealth,
a lot of us are bound to end up in bidukulu.

Kampala, mbarara, karamoja, iganga

There's a disperity between the economic mainstream,
the poor-Urban and the rural-rural ,
Information is asymmetric so many are stuck in a matrix,
Knowledge is available but still some have no access,
While some think they know it all, it eludes them.
The major similarity is that money is the major motivation,
So it's no wonder some of our leaders still let us get plundered,
Ayeh, What's the difference between them and the poor?
Those out there selling rich land only to become oppressed squatters

Tubilabila mu maaso awo,

Kiryandongo, Rwamwanja, bidi bidi abagenda,

The man is talking peace and stability maybe you don't see it,
Well open up your eyes can't you see the refugees
This man has got a lot of knowledge up there where he sits,
But you can't guarantee the work that's carried out by your team,
That's why the foundation of our nation was infested by greed
I don't know if you agree but its the reason why his vision went right off of its heels.
So you've got to be careful who fills that vacuum he leaves

Tubilabila mu maaso awo,

Muje tugende tuyuta ku Kampala road

Banks are getting digitally challenged, non performing assets are at their highest,
Our currency is going down south and we can only watch as IMF toys with our interest rates,
Our economies were designed to be divided and provided with help,
So we have a long way before we can dictate our own fate.
Yet still most of us aren't wide awake,
We're laying under our trees, eyes fast asleep. mouths wide open indulging in our blessed abundance,
but the works of our hands aren't counter acting we're about to get out of balance.

Owaye conductor, mu maaso awo,
Nze kanji vvemu

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