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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Foul Lover

Now that it’s over and we are sober,
the blue sky has turned sombre,
it's sending its cats and dogs to come over,
at least in rain I can hide my wet cheeks.

I reminisced those long nights,
when I tried to read you,
now I understand the results,
I guess I'm not book smart.

As much as we can grow into love
there's always room for hate after love.
I don't speak in relation towards hating you,
but the feeling that I have could compare.

Never did I treat you with despair,
but you always treated me like a spare
you were reckless and it was unfair;
although, sometimes you did care.

But it reached out for you,
like a patient praying mantis,
and you left me without a pair,
will I ever be man enough?

Yet I eagerly waited on you,
I always though it half time,
but I should have played referee,
and gave you a red card for your foul love.

I don't regret the interjections,
I mean, I had my good times
despite the misconceptions,
I guess our love failed the test of time. 


  1. When you think you have got all you need and want then reality kicks in! * Argh.
    #Touching piece this!

    1. One of my favourite pieces for its simplicity. It's actually one of the first pieces I wrote. I appreciate the comment. thanks for dropping into in the desert. It means much.