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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The devil's workshop

Meet Dave, a car dealer;
a serpent from idle wood.

After a long day’s work,
It’s time for him to close shop.
but evil deeds call him to slop,
as he waits for night to set in.

Once he gets idle,
a pretty young thing passes by,
igniting the works of the devil-
he stops her and lays out credentials.

His wife, a nymphomaniac by night,
awaits him eagerly to come back home,
despite waning in self control.

Dave's distracted by his new catch
a loose cannon; a devils advocates,
who now plays apprentice, 
to him as he probes and bates.

Up goes his roller door,
he drools like a starving dog-
as she saunters past him...

He shuts the roller door,
switches on the lights,
the cars inside galore.
his works inspire awe...

While his wife at home- 
burning with desire, 
fights sleazy thoughts,

he idolises a sultry woman;
a temptress to those in fame,
and banker to those that adore her.

They get in the zone and cosy, 
she shoves him onto the sofa.
slips right onto him like a loafer,
he slides her slit aside and has his way.

Their lips engage in strange conversation,
the temperature in the room rises-
as his hands waltz beneath her dress.
they go at it till they both undress.

As they dine on forbidden fruit,
his wife longs to taste its juice.
A knock on the door triggers her excitement,
to her dismay, it's the delivery boy.

A handsome young male,
who had always made her weak
like an aroma to a starving tummy.
This time she intended to eat.

He walked passed her in his tight shirt,
patches of sweat down his back.
he was beyond  irresistible,
she decided to play smart.

She started off with small talk,
complimenting him on his walk,
then sat atop the kitchen counter.
She wore patras that revealed her.

She called him to come closer,
wrapped her legs around him,
he hesitated, she teased him,
he got caught in her trap.

Her husband had called it a wrap,
he closed shop and handed her gwap,
dropped her off and then set off
to make his way to Idlewood.

His wife was engaged.
First into conversation,
then into luring her bate-
to get her horns decapitated.

The delivery boy failed to resist,
so he played it by advantage,
after-all he kept sexual scores,
so he cut and ate his cake.

Dave, now in Idlewood manoeuvres home,
the gate slides open, he drives in and parks.
He notices the delivery boy’s van in the lawn,
wonders why the boy's not out in the field.

The two miscreants captive in sin,
as they soar close to satisfaction,
ears blocked from distraction-
fail to hear him walk in,

Dave swings open the kitchen door,
he's struck by sexual galore.

"An idle mind;
is an arena for games.
It brings an opponent,
that sells you whims." Ebrahim

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First Class Transgressions

“Flight number EK729, is now boarding"
The speaker box sent dispatch.
While in terminal 3,
Aldrige’s was caught in a dilemma,
He had to chose between beauty and duty.

Her ticket read: business class.
clearly she was out of his league,
But using her distress he made a pass,
and broke open her invisible siege.

He got caught up in her beauty,
her red lips that sang kiss me,
her black dress screaming hold me,
and her cheetah print shoes saying catch me.

They got into conversation,
he flattered her every portion.
She got sprung, he got hung.
They sealed it all with a meal and a kiss,

"Last call for flight BA246 to London,”
She jolted up shocked by the announcement,
panic set in and Aldrige too remembered,
his wife awaited him at departure gate...

A hug and another kiss sealed goodbye.
'Moments like these never come by,'
He thought to himself as he rushed to the gate.
Once he reached, the gates were closed,
and no amount of kisses could open them.

He had missed his flight, and couldn't find his wife
“Sir, please go to the transfer counter,” said the man in a red blazer.

He made my way to the transfer desk,
hoping to sort out his query. Upon reaching,
he found his mystery girl making an inquiry,
a big wig so a few words got her to the V.I.P gate.

She dashed right away, he had a fine to pay.
She didn't bid him so long, a flying kiss would have sufficed,
ayeh not even a glance was cast- he cursed playing part,

Change Ila!

“Hoi! Change ila!”
The bartender barks at Javeed from the counter.
Who's struggling to leave the bar-
having left his days pay with the owner..

Back at home:
His children cry in their sty,
keeping his wife drenched in agony.
For they have no food,
and long to sleep but await Javeed.

The lights are out for the night,
heat has reached its peak
mosquitoes have dinner, their plight is hunger;
an ordinary night in their broken home.

Javeed stumbles along the road,
clenching his 8 PM bottle
trying to out run his shadow
until he finds his way home.

“Where have you been you lousy fool?”
She questions him as he drools.
He falls back and sleeps in vomit,
his wife tries to get him onto his feet,
the children shudder and panic.

She fails to get him to stand,
she's disgusted by what fate's dealt her.
She throws him a couple of slaps,
leaves him outside and throws him a kurta.

The morning after:
He wakes up by the patio,
Covered by her wee kurta,
under an overcasting tree shadow.

He is angered by her pre-caution,
So he rages in with intent to revenge,
having forgotten all he did the night before,
he finds her busy doing chores.

He pulls her to her heels,
showers her in chills
then smacks her face,
and shoves her to the wall in fast pace.
He spits to the ground in distaste,
lets go and trots to his workplace.

When he comes home that night,
in a similar state under waning moonlight.
His wife docks behind the door like a mouse,
waiting on him for a moment to strike.
When the gap is bridged to her liking,
she barks and asks him to take a hike,
but he too is ready to put up a fight;
Nonetheless, unable to participate.

 He rushes towards her to shove her,
she pulls out a pan and strikes him.
knocks him out and lets him sleep with mice...

His sagas go on and on,
He shames and provokes her day in-day out
ruining his family and arousing change.

Then one morning,
when he slams the door to barge in,
It swings wide open and to his dismay,
He finds the house empty and in disarray,
and a small note atop their only table
that definitely strikes a chord. It read;
“Change ila!”

Haja Ya Mapinduzi

In a local bar somewhere in Nairobi:
“I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose,
Fire away, Fire away.
Ricochet, you take your aim,
Fire away, Fire away,
You shoot me down, but I won’t fall.
I am titanium.
You shoot me down, but I won’t fall.
I am titanium…”

As Edward (A gay activist)
having been denied the right to
marriage preaches to his fellow
mates amid background music.

“This regime is preposterous!”
He says in an assertive voice.
“They are treating us like lost
puppies and kicking us to the curb,
But not anymore….
So many times we have sought love
but lost it. And now having found it,
they won’t let us seal it.
Tomorrow shall be the day
we put a lid on this and earn what we
deserve.” He says.
“We shall match along the parliamentary
boulevard, baring in hand our message on
placards and demand a shuffle of their cards.
And if there be need to fight against these
bastards, we shall wage war on them!”
Break open their high gates,
and coerce them to heed to our cause,
and we shan't take no for an answer-
we shall preach to the non-believers,

Baring in hand placards as planned,
they strolled down parliamentary boulevard,
protesting with voices at the fore of there rally
“ Tunataka mabadiliko!
“Tunataka mabadiliko!”
[Their voices raised eve higher]

They wailed and wailed until the police
rover came in,
then a press van minutes later.
The police rover announced;
“please leave the premises and attend
this on a sit down, otherwise further
measures will be taken.”

But they persisted and kept wailing…

On news 9 that night, the reporter read to the masses,

"Wanaharakati waliakamatwa
kati ka maandamano.
After having been warned,
The activists were eventually waned,
The rover turned up by the parliament,
Thereon the activists were collectively beat down,
and some of them onto trucks were thrown.
Bringing to an end their protest.
Wanaharakati waliakamatwa
kati ka maandamano!"

Reckless love

(Day 3)
“Get out or I’ll stab you like a thug” He said,
while holding a knife to her.

(Day 1)
Drugs and alcohol induced desire,
and a sweet ol' pair made love without a care.
Johnny rode his curvy horsy,
spanking it and speaking naughty...

After climax it was time sit back and relax,
Chit chat and pour back a can from a six pack.
But tipsy Johnny started to get a tad horny,
He wanted more, she was tired, he got haughty


He woke and realised she had gone. He knew he had done something wrong.
 'I wonder what I said that made her storm off', he pondered
In a text message later in the day after millions of missed calls, he wrote,
"baby 4gve me if I sed samthin to offend ya
but I'm no strangya, I've been here for ya
Wud u rather dnce wth a mask'd Lucifa?"

(Day 2)
The next morning, he set out to find her.
He figured she would do something regrettable.
Throwing their relationship into the inevitable.

He rings the bell to her place, and after an excruciating wait,
A stout man with plenty of weight opens the door to his fate.
Then Angel dressed down, follows.

Seeing her in her under garments left him without no words to lament,
He turned around and walked away.

On his way home, raving his engine in rage, he pondered,
'I can’t believe her she’s gone for a day and still needs a quick fix.
I should have fixed her and her stout champ!
maybe I'm being selfish, maybe I pushed her...
I pushed her to slip and side onto him over night?'

(Day 3)
A knock on the door wakes him and he slugs to open
before him, Angel carried frustration with her,
she had come to give it to him yet he was hangover,
His head was pounding he had been drinking Teachers,
then she started to rant...

“Why’d you walk off?” She asks as she follows him to the kitchen

“Huh," He turned and looked at her confused and said, "Were you getting a massage??”

“You don’t know what you put me through, do you?" she said to his back.
"Then you go ahead and think am out to get laid?”

"How would I know, I wasn't the one strolling naked in an apartment with a stranger."

"First of all he's not a stranger,"

"Are you listening to yourself right now?" he asked.

"No, but listen to me," she said. pulling at his shoulder.
"You can't go around hurting people's feelings like you're some kind of God.

He was getting infuriated but she kept spiting him

“I want to work things out but I can't take my mind off what you said.
How dare you call me a whore? HOW DARE YOU?
I must mean nothing to you, It’s no wonder you don't respect me"

"Stop right there!" He cuts her short: holding a table knife mid air
“First off, You’re a whore! You lie like it earns you money,
then you have the audacity, to come here and question me, honey,
Get out of my house! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!
Get out or I’ll stub you like a thug, GET OUT!”

She reaches out for him, kisses him deep and he drops the knife...

Tears on the mic.

He grasps his mic and braces himself
the curtain rises, the spotlight shines,
He walks into it timid but firm and sings:

“I knew I loved you from the start,
you were meant to be my girl,
but until the very end,
we were meant to play pretend…”

The second spotlight queues her in.
Standing an arms distance away
and with panache she sings:

“You just had to love another,
and you left me mad and blue.
Counting stars in solitude,
In the crispy twilight moon,
All alone no one to hold,
All alone no one to hold”

 “You knew I had to move on," He sings
I didn't mean to be cold,
I thought all we did was play pretend.
 The truth is our love will not fade...”

Together; “ The truth is our love will
not fade, so hold on...

He walks to her as the lights dim,
he holds her hand and swoons her,

“I remember back in high school,
You were smart and sexy so cool.
knew I loved you but you had to you
Go ahead and leave another
he crescendos and then fades...

The sound of the piano wanes,
and its tempo gently slows..
She attempts to sing,

“ the truth is out love will not fade
 And I hope, I hoooope,
I will love you 'til, the very end…”

The timbre of her tone cracks,
Her voice turns into sobs.
tears drop onto the mic
Then she runs off the stage,
the crowd sighs in remorse.

He follows her to the back
Walks up to her and asks,
“What happened back there?”

She breaks down but tries to speak,

“I love you...
Each night that day unfolds,
All I long for is your embrace
for these nights are way too cold.
But all we are is just friends.

So, all I can do is pretend,
Like i don't feel butterflies.
When you hold my hand and pry,
I try, to pretend i do not levitate,
when you hug me yet it takes me to the sky.
Then all it does is make me hate you”

Table for Three

The table was laid,
The couple took its seats,
and when push came to shove-
vanity won and he called it quits.

Bereft, she too abandoned,
but was greatly astounded-
could barely keep it knit,
she was torn to bits.

Along came a suave fellow,
young, wild but respectable,
dedicated to lure her back to the table,
and make her blue world a tad yellow.

She prepped and packed her bags,
carried her baggage along for their date,
stirring their date with the wrong recipe - tempting fate-
things turned sour when the cat was dragged out the bag.

They were at it feasting on desert,
spooning the cream and eating tart.
It was orgasmic satisfaction till reality set in,
the door bell clinked and third wheel walked in...

Hand holding a wood like spatula charging to kill,
someone had to eat the dirt for enjoying his thrill,
she was baffled as she watched them scuffle,
the table was flipped off its feet amid the tussle.

He struck hard with the spatula,
then swung fast with a left jab,
then he bear hugged like a night dub-
he was knocked out but didn't spill blood...

She dashed past them and into the night,
the fight clocked out they had to cooperate-
to from a search party, it was only right...
for they started it, they reeled in the bate.

A childhood song

The deafening sound of bullets-
woke us as it always did in our little town.
I was cuddled right by my mother,
Consumed by teeth shuttering fear.

“Mother,” I said.
“Sing to me that song of fear”
I lay by her side to feel less afraid...
Whenever she'd sing, she'd hug me,
tight enough for me to feel her heart beat,
then she'd wipe the tears off my cheeks.
“Although fear is prone to grow,"
She sang,
"Each day we live to row,
will bring us peace and courage,
and guide us through the passage of raging storms”

“Although fear is prone to grow,
and sometimes it won't let go..."
A loud bang on the door startled us,
she stopped and I quickly wiped my tears

The renegade barked.
He struck open the door,
pushed forth in full force
clenching a gun in his hands.

When we tried to run out
the gun pelted bullets from hell,
and in frustration he let out a yell;

 We lay flat like dead carcass.
In celebration, he fired rounds to the ceiling,
walked up to us and struck my mother atop!
She rolled to the side then a bullet ended her life.

I wailed and wailed,
I tried to reach for him,
he hoofed me back to the ground,
I succumbed and lost speech,
I curled up on the floor,
watched him as he lit his cigarette,
he let out a gust of smoke then strolled out,

“Although fear is prone to grow,
Each day we live to row,
will bring us peace and courage.
and guide us through the passage of raging storms...
Although fear is prone to grow,
and sometimes it won't let go,
I shall catch you when you fall
I'll be your breaker when the wind starts to blow,
I'll be your breaker when the wind starts to blow,
I'll be your breaker when the wind starts to blow,
I'll be your breaker when the wind starts to blow,
I'll be your breaker when the wind starts to blow..."

War Fare

An assemblage of soldiers stand outside their captains bank,
He walks out, grey haired, mug faced but calm, and stands at ease to speak...

 "I have watched you evolve and grow
accustomed to the harsh scent of gun powder in the air,
It often worries me. But tomorrow, more than ever,
You prove yourselves worthy of life."

A command yelled beyond their barricade woke them,

Serge run to the barricade and braced them,
“Beyond this barricade is a cage,
all I ask of you today, is to break free...

they manoeuvred past the barricade
In the shadows of abandoned forest.
Bullets made friends with enemies,
Bombs deafened ears many men died.
But Serge charged on like an alpha,
treading over ponds of blood and corpse,
till a bullet bound struck him to the chest.

weeks later...

serge’s father, old and frail plodded to the door and opened.
His wife by his side oozed of worry as the trooper stood before them .

The trooper avoided awkward  silence and delivered his message,

"Jerry Sevens fought his last fight.
He led our troop into a winning battle.
It is sad to report that he was shot and severely injured.
We would like you to sign these papers of his release,
and come with us to the hospital, He awaits you. "


Aldrige entered the room;
An Adele tune was playing in the background reporting heart break news,
with her on, he knew how this night was going to play out,
they'd be no fore play and harsh words were to be weighed out.

Caslanthia incited by Adele paid no attention to him.
she thought to herself; 'oh gosh! Here-we-go!' and took a deep breath...

Aldrige dressed down to his boxers paused a question;
“You seem tense, is something wrong?”

“NOTHING!” Caslanthia said.

“then why are you raising your voice?” Aldrige struck a bell with his response.

 “You just had to… Go from nothing to
something." Caslanthia said,
"Acting up? Why'd you always stir me up?
It's like I'm some kind of dough to you!
What TIME is it?" She asked, "where have you been?"
she walked up to him and shoved him then gibbered,
"You always say SHIT and never live up to it!"


“TYPICAL," she said, "Ghost silence, you can’t even get physical!”

"Oh now you want me to fight? asked Aldrige...

“There you go again trying to put this on a peg...” She said

"Well there you go again trying to trigger me..." Aldrige walked out of the room.

"I just want you to show me that you can still feel, that you're still human.. " She whispered....

Absence surely makes the heart grow fonder... (Postscript 4 Ghost)

After an up roar, Aldrige gets back home and she’s gone.

A heap of contempt rains over Aldrige,
The one he loves gone with the wind,
remnants only shreds of memories.
Albeit his heart torn apart,
he hangs onto the strands on his shoulders
that support him like a puppet,
Weak, motionless and inglorious.
Vexed by his polygamous nature,
He beats himself up.
for being the Apex of his troubles.

“Caslanthia my lady,” He cries
to himself like a ventriloquist.
“Bring back joy, bring back life,
bring back memories I long to relive.
Misguided by poor choice, I let you stroll
out our humble abode and here I drench in
the filth of my decisions.”

The mutilating thoughts that jog
through his mind do him no good
and his body quivers with desire to have
her near, but forever he will
weep for he did not play for keeps.