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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 26 June 2016

1 new notification

Poop! 1 new notification.
Ty dollar sign kapata just posted a new photo-
of his few hundred dollars on a bed.
Parliamentarians swindle cash and-
they say it's an egalitarian society.

You've been invited to an all white party-
to throw some cash on the floor and,
rub your ego with other vain people.
The states wining party is feasting on cakes-
as we wither in our morbid state.

Besigye just liked your photos,
commented saying, "bro, your red eyes remind me of tear gas!"
Causing fear and terror in people's minds-
makes them succumb to "democracy."

Solo "the king of kingston" Updated his profile.
He studied in Lohana and is well versed with other nation's history.
Our education system is a form of
mental slavery subduing our creativity.

Swaleh Instagramed a photo at acacia-
mall and captioned it "grinding all day!"
Slaves worked nine to five,
we've succumbed to the cooperate system;
because materialism, greed, and money govern us.

Panama, Panama, Kashmir, Syria, Brexit, now Trump!
There's a system among and beyond us-
that we cannot reach for to breach, God save us!

Suddenly every one posting seems-
to be living the fab life, is it really?
Materialism isn't an efficient;
depiction of a happy life, be careful!

Kofi posted a photo of himself bare chested-
holding condoms and captioned it,  "About to slay!"
If you haven't realised; Instagram, snap chat,
and Facebook all help us sell grams of porn.

Keila posted a video on snap chat,
while she twerked in a tennis skirt and no panties.
We all have rights to self expression and discretion,
it's also important to know we have a key role-
in decency and partaking in promoting morality.

You've been invited to like candy crash,
help someone make cash, and to watch-
your life crash because candy crash is addictive!
Our health state is dire, Our practices fuel it,
and someones funnelling carcinogens,
and viruses increasing our mortality rate.

Abdul kabral, the humble cleaner posted a photo,
in his thawb heading to the mosque for congregational prayers.
One of his friends joked, "Al-shabab!"
The world's full of ignorant and narcissistic-
terrorists of different races and religions,
some dressed as Muslims, others in suites and ties.

Our Facebook ads are now filled with multi national corps,
We are officially never going to develop!
Those that borrow money for the nation and misappropriate it
leave the future generation indebted to their selfishness.

The neighbour hood bourgeoisie posted a photo-
of his fleet of cars and mansion.
We all have freedom of speech and expression;
ayeh, be careful what you show off and how you show it off.

Candy updated her status saying,
"Whom Jah bless, no man a curse!
Haters can go and hang!"
A humble and silent soul is gold and seats atop tons of gold.

1 new message and attachment.
Message reads, "Hey would you like to come over,
so I can share my dick with you?"
Like our "records in heaven",
what we post and share can be used against us in the future.

A lie is told by "the liar to the liar."
I mean, if you don't know it's a lie,
it's the truth to you who's receiving it.
Seek wisdom and spread knowledge,
speak and preach truth, not garbage.

Note to self;
Social media is a platform that can change the world for better,
if its user is an abuser, the world could miss out on what's relevant.

Signing out.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Owange mwidi!

Owange mwidi!

Owange mwidi,
sister wa mukwano wa sister wange.
Namwagana ku madala nga vaireh aka swetah,
omusana gwali guli tintima namwewunya,
engeri javalamu aka sweatah kumusana-
ogwali guli yaka nga gwebatumyeh otwita!

 Nali mubwangu nga nyenda fuuka nkali; ayeh,
twa wayamu katini yatandika okwelalikira
ga chali agali ga twiraineh.
Yagema kunviri de yamwenya kumbali mbali-
olwo lwene wetwa sokera okuwaya,
wenategeera embere de twagemagana nga obubina! :)

Owange mwidi,
Olusi awemula yaira mukwekaza!
Wokyewunya akulingirira ngo musiwa

Owange mwidi...
Aja yeneeza ng'o musoota;
ayeh nge mbwa; taluma!

Owange mwidi,
Aseeka yatika amiino nge empiti,
yabwatuka wewunya oba alina ensonyi.

Owange mwidi,
Ayenda okulambula ensi,
aja yansobera mba ndowoza mu lunzi,
ateh nabawo nga ndikwebuza sente-
wenjoditola mubino ebigambo byange?

Owange mwidi,
Tateera gema kukatima;
ayeh walekula aba nge'mbuzi edabo abalima.

Owange mwidi,
Waniiga yechanga yasirikirira,
kasta atandita mundolo oba yayomba ebyo nabigumira!

Owange mwidi,
Tafugika alinga mutamivu, ayeh, aja yakoba;
alekabantu bamufuge nga museveni nabana 'Uganda

Owange mwidi
Afa kubabe nga mama nomwana weh;
ayeh muniize! takubona wo! Ofuka nga muzimu mu maiso ge.

Owange mwidi,
Mugezi eiino amagezi gaswika;
ayeh aja yelalikirira ebintu ng'abasomi ababa bali tika minoh mukibina.

Owange mwidi
Tuja twalwana memale yanmukaku ngo'omusibe;
ayeh, wamaliliza, yeiza mwene kubanga omukwano gwange tiikomera!

Owange mwindi,
Mukyala wakatonda!
Ayeh waliyo byakola ebija byansobera!

Owange mwidi,
Aidi ofumba  nokulabirira  omuntu; ayeh,
womuwasa ng'oli subira ebyo byonka; oba osembye!

Owange mwidi,
Ni buti akavala ka sweatah ke...
Nga na kogela ku, ayeh tibikyuka,
ebindi tumala gaguuma!

Owange mwidi,
Ninnza obasuza wano nga ndi mwinonolo;
ayeh, amunsinza, tida mukuwa,
twida kwira bwireh mukigwo!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Nalinda (I waited...) [performance piece]

There's a hatchet in my chest,
You let it lay to rest and then departed,
the sun was shining, breeze was swaying, mood was perfect;
ayeh, the memory of pleading that's all that I had to part with...

Naliinda, Naliinda, Nalinda...
Nga toidah, Nga toidah, Nga toidah...

I waited for you...
I waited for you right there at the pearly gates,
I waited to let you in, but you came late.
my angel friends and I, we'd seat there and debate,
on if you'd come through to binge and partake,
on this heavenly love I wanted you to take, yet,
God knew you wouldn't come,
but you know him with a secret,
He just sits there and keeps it!
Quite often, I'd break glittery angel sweat-
take time off to come down and see you,
and for some odd reason you'd receive me with open arms-
palm on my chest as we lay to rest and thought of nothing else...
Ayeh, I wasn't your "every day special,"
I was more like your palm Sunday,
you celebrated me once but I kept wishing maybe some day-
'she'll celebrate me each and every dying day...'
And I waited, and waited...
Flights say delayed, rains stay away,
sometimes babies come late; but,
they all eventually arrive- even God will!
So who are you? Who are you?
 Who are you to wait out and weigh out my love?
Yet in my heart is where heaven is and I am it's keeper.

Naliinda, Naliinda, Nalinda...
Nga toidah, Nga toidah, Nga toidah...

There's a bucket where I lay,
That holds the plenty tears that I've been crying,
you gave me bits of you and then we parted,
before our love had bloomed it was so tragic

Naliinda, Naliinda, Nalinda...
Nga toidah, Nga toidah, Nga toidah...

"Golden heart...?" [Performance piece]

"Golden heart...?"

I Gave her everything...
It's no wonder I lost my mind...

I gave her my eyes!
I failed to see all these beautiful girls-
they were needles, she was my hay stack;
ayeh, she didn't go blind for 'I'.

I gave her my lips,
I kissed hers with passion-
whilst her eyes were wide open,
scavenging her next prey,

I gave her my back,
I hunched back so she would hop on.
I carried her heavy heart and baggage,
but like her last our time didn't last.

I gave her my feet,
it's no wonder I couldn't move on,
I had no means to carry me forward,
I should have known she was a dead end.

I gave her my mind; I LOST IT!
She took it places it had never been,
she misguided it you wouldn't believe,
I turned stalker for a hawker selling lust...

I gave her my heart!
I excavated and reached for it,
I've been stalking her to find out if she sold it!
It turns out she couldn't refine it to see its worth,

For I found each gold carat piece,
rolling in the wind,
like a broken tumbleweed.