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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 11 August 2014

Unmatched love

Like rain into a gutter,
I drip soulfully
into the arteries of
your heart.
You can feel me,
hear me, see me-
I'm undeniably beautiful.
I'm crystal clear, and pure.
surely from the heavens-
raised up above me.

You're a sultry sinner,
you lure me in with silence.
I dare to say more,
I dare to force a smile,
to run a mile across-
your poker face.

You're a ghost, a ghoul, a thief.
you sail right through me,
stealing my heart and soaking it.
soaking it with bits and pieces,
bits and pieces of love...
I'm ravished!

I can not, I tell you, I can not!
Take anymore of your unlawful knot,
parch me, wring my heart
and leave me, for...
For you are a sinner!

You appear to be selfishly In Need,
SIN they call it,
yet it's a facade that you seed.

You plant a mascaraed show,
from which weed does grow;
a weed of love.

Yet I, so beautiful.
stand by the doors of your arteries,
waiting for you to let me in,
ayeh, you play me like sin,
you feel me, you hear me, you see me,
yet won't let me have this win.

Unmatched love..

Ndio tupendane

How do you start something that hasn't commenced?
Then write it to and end it yet it hasn't been read?
Something you see and feel kwani unajua it's not real,
something that seems so right, basically the perfect deal
yet even in surrealism it just won't roll off the reel,

Let's just say for chance's sake, with our hopes in the stars.
That the gates of love opened, and you and I fell in love,
Would something still be holding you back from me?
Would it fear be holding you in suspense telling you not to fall?
After all love is great overall why would you let that take a toll?

As I day and night dream of you,
It doesn't hinder me, for I-
notice flickering hope afar,
it's an art piece of sort,
shining into my thoughts,
Just like you linger all day long.

Although, my dreams of you are a sign that I am smitten,
surely in thought, dream, and reality it is unwritten.
it's no wonder I feel only the short end of the stick,
albeit, I'm inspired to bend on knee to give this a kick;
Huyo ni nani holding you from loving me?
Kwani hawaoni that we are meant to be ?
the stars have been aligned,
they should let us live our lives, 

Ndio, Tupendane, ndio tupendane


When will you, no how did I,
fall like a domino when I
barley know you so.
They call it love at first sight. or is it,
crush on first land?
This diner plate didn't diner wait, 
I got served too early,
now the weight on my plate-
that brought fate
overwhelms me.
Like a piano from the sky-
it landed on me out of nowhere,
I want this to go somewhere;
ayeh, we're in-between places,
between love and stranger.

The line, the line is so thin.
I could lie, then charm you with a grin,
why start this with sin?

How is it, no, why is it
you say no words,
yet still, 
you spit this body language
that swindles my emotion
as I wait you in love claim.
I'm worried you won't pick me.
I sent you a love claim letter...
If you claim your baggage,
you'll know that it's unlettered,
no its not Braille; 
ayeh you can feel it.
No I'm not blind,
I saw you with my eyes wide open;
love at first sight, or is it-
crush on first land?
When will you, no, how did I


A souvenir

Today I didn't lay my bed,
so the bed and I now metaphors for incomplete...

I seat by its side,
reminiscing last night's ride...

Your scent still lingers in my sheets,
a sweet faint perfume like an aroma of food you can't eat

I'd wash it away; ayeh, I hopelessly want you to stay.
I'll just let it be instead, and it'll fade away...

Oohh these earthly things,
that we do in earthly ways,
that are only earthly great.

We drove through the night,
I parked when things left right.

You raised the wrong alarm,
my tires burst from your harm

Who calls false alarm,
and says they didn't mean to harm?

It was great while it lasted,
before you got busted!

Oohh these earthly things,
that we do in earthly ways,
that only cause earthly hate

Your red lingerie still lingers in my bed,
it'd be like rose petals if we weren't at loggerheads,

ayeh its beauty faded when I realised you got jaded,
now I'm going to burn it hoping to get rebated.

You we're sexy once but you lost your flame,
I just wish you didn't say his name.

I'm disgruntled, I guess it's my turn
to hoard that which doesn't fade or burn

yet I have to heal my self from memories of you,
that sparkle through my mind like light in dew

I could burn things, some could fade.
still it remains, this awful dread,

Lingering in my heart,  a thing I don't revere
an unwanted love for keeps; a souvenir

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Mediocrity is a car ride to greatness.
the journey is so long it often seems hopeless.

Day by day the gas in your tank runs closer to dry.
and on your way to greatness you're siphoned into worry,
by the orange light that warns you of the end being nigh,
so you plan b to hitch hike a ride and bury your worry.

When you raise your thumb up to pool over,
a blind eye is cast- you're like a thug in a pull over.
In attempt to get there quick, you're just slipping over tar.
short of support; you contemplate getting hang over.

You could drink and drive, alas that's suicide,
and like God too, the cops could persecute you.
So you're in between rocks; dumbfound and stupefied.
still you neglect the high road hoping to find you.

As you stagger on the road the cop lights start to shine,
your rare view mirror isn't showing the fairest of them all,
you could speed off and go way out of line;
Ayeh if you do time, you lose time and lose it all.

So you pull over, start to wish you were sober.
you dealt your cards now you deal with inconvenience,
criticised and analysed you're now crushed like a boulder.
your car has been towed so you curse God for lack of lenience.

Yet still he blesses you and gets you back onto the road.
you're in the city now. looking for fame;
Ayeh fame brings shame, it shouldn't be aboard,
still you seek it, only for it to bring you maim.

The wilderness of traffic jam in the city drives you crazy.
BMW lights bring you fame, your PRIUS makes you popular.
The traffic holds you back from shame, at that point things are hazy!
You could be where you want to be ayeh, in Prius life feels like Dracula.

Sucking out your hope to live the ''Life" like a duchess,
so in your car ride, you often feel hopeless,
There are many routes on the road to success,
don't get stuck in the traffic jam; It's worthless!

Sometimes fame isn't a way to success...
so when the traffic jam holds you back,
take a different route or a closer look,
you might already be where you want to be.