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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 11 August 2014

Unmatched love

Like rain into a gutter,
I drip soulfully
into the arteries of
your heart.
You can feel me,
hear me, see me-
I'm undeniably beautiful.
I'm crystal clear, and pure.
surely from the heavens-
raised up above me.

You're a sultry sinner,
you lure me in with silence.
I dare to say more,
I dare to force a smile,
to run a mile across-
your poker face.

You're a ghost, a ghoul, a thief.
you sail right through me,
stealing my heart and soaking it.
soaking it with bits and pieces,
bits and pieces of love...
I'm ravished!

I can not, I tell you, I can not!
Take anymore of your unlawful knot,
parch me, wring my heart
and leave me, for...
For you are a sinner!

You appear to be selfishly In Need,
SIN they call it,
yet it's a facade that you seed.

You plant a mascaraed show,
from which weed does grow;
a weed of love.

Yet I, so beautiful.
stand by the doors of your arteries,
waiting for you to let me in,
ayeh, you play me like sin,
you feel me, you hear me, you see me,
yet won't let me have this win.

Unmatched love..

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