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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Mediocrity is a car ride to greatness.
the journey is so long it often seems hopeless.

Day by day the gas in your tank runs closer to dry.
and on your way to greatness you're siphoned into worry,
by the orange light that warns you of the end being nigh,
so you plan b to hitch hike a ride and bury your worry.

When you raise your thumb up to pool over,
a blind eye is cast- you're like a thug in a pull over.
In attempt to get there quick, you're just slipping over tar.
short of support; you contemplate getting hang over.

You could drink and drive, alas that's suicide,
and like God too, the cops could persecute you.
So you're in between rocks; dumbfound and stupefied.
still you neglect the high road hoping to find you.

As you stagger on the road the cop lights start to shine,
your rare view mirror isn't showing the fairest of them all,
you could speed off and go way out of line;
Ayeh if you do time, you lose time and lose it all.

So you pull over, start to wish you were sober.
you dealt your cards now you deal with inconvenience,
criticised and analysed you're now crushed like a boulder.
your car has been towed so you curse God for lack of lenience.

Yet still he blesses you and gets you back onto the road.
you're in the city now. looking for fame;
Ayeh fame brings shame, it shouldn't be aboard,
still you seek it, only for it to bring you maim.

The wilderness of traffic jam in the city drives you crazy.
BMW lights bring you fame, your PRIUS makes you popular.
The traffic holds you back from shame, at that point things are hazy!
You could be where you want to be ayeh, in Prius life feels like Dracula.

Sucking out your hope to live the ''Life" like a duchess,
so in your car ride, you often feel hopeless,
There are many routes on the road to success,
don't get stuck in the traffic jam; It's worthless!

Sometimes fame isn't a way to success...
so when the traffic jam holds you back,
take a different route or a closer look,
you might already be where you want to be.

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