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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 16 May 2013

All I hope to be

There's an infinite space of love and hate between us,
I'd like collide with the molecules so they can explode
give room for us to bridge the gap and delve in that space.

Love is a choice, one we decide upon after feasting our eyes,
inciting our minds and then dosing our hearts with desire,
from which we move past heat to let our souls find peace.

We often loathe the ones we love it's a paradox lovers unlock,
but if you love someone enough you out to tough out than tap out
for it's not them you hate but some traits that bate your temper.

That's why lovers come to terms so I'd like to draft a contract,
where none of us are condemned for going contra to popular belief.
For love comes dwindling like leaves and you never know when it'll leave.

I wish we didn't have to speak 'cause speech is often misleading,
I'd rather interpret the braille of your body to tell when you're famished,
either sexually, mentally, physically, I am fluent but you love to talk so,

I'd like to fine dine in conversation before consummation,
See there's many lies I can tell you for me to slide aside,
your panties to dive where the least of my bounty lies

See love is war, I'm a commander, I feast on enemy territory,
but the leader in me despite seeking glory prefers to use democracy.
To negotiate and come to terms where you and I can dwell in peace.

I'd like to bedazzle you with jewels but jewels are for fools,
I'm sure you know that, you're an intelligent woman so let me,
corrupt your heart and mind with the beauty of fond memories,

Treasures you hold onto that might fade but can't be stolen,
Pleasures that please you when I am long gone and forgotten,
Ayeh whether I'm forgotten or not I'll leave a piece of me begotten,

I want to be a better man than I should be, could be, use to be
'cause all those clauses are nothing but if, buts, and maybe's,
and maybe that's above me but isn't it good that you inspire me? 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Touch wood!

The good God up above-
has granted us bountiful love,
with which we've made merry,
and many have tied knots in its sanctuary.

In guise, many use it to improvise; 
to masquerade as lonely souls seeking love's fortitude,
so they cheat, manipulate, persuade and tell lies,
abusing it instead of paying gratitude.

Yet still, God has given to us like ardent parents,
who have the right to but don’t treat us like tenants.
It's disgraceful how we counteract His Goodwill,
as we stir up debauchery exercising our freewill,

Friday, 3 May 2013

Love letter

Dear love,
            I have written to you many a day but you must be busy.
First off;
I would like to commend you on helping me fall head first over and over again, It was worth the ride downhill; ayeh, at the end of the journey I seemed somewhat surprised by the pain in return.
May times I have tried to understand you but all in vain despite persistent effort. So I would like you to send me a users manual to get me through the basics of getting to know you a tad more.
I talked to cupid recently and he said he wanted to quit.
I wonder how you’re going to administer in coming times? I am sorry to be delivering this information to you but he said you have recently been out of your gourd and have often sent him to wrong clients.  Many of whom have averted to administering hate.
A message from one of your patients;
love, sir/madam

Unfortunate for you, fortunate for me that I have been able to consummate without your help. On that note, I will no longer require your services. If you please, forgive me for inciting hatred. Many of my ex-partners(dissatisfied clients) distressed and bewildered have let me go for my unruly behaviour. Nonetheless, I am feeling orgasmic! 
                                            Your dear friend, Casanova.
Fifth and last;
It is high time you got off your feet and talked to these people that are getting betrothed without your consent. It is because of these people that words like; Bitch, gold digger, broke nigger, stupid nigger, white trash whore, white tramp, little Chinese faggot, divorce and many other words of the like.(Excuse my French) Have become quite common within the world. So please, come in quick and rinse out all these dirty mouths that are larking around the world.
Thank you,