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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 31 March 2014

Obsolescent dreams,

Obsolescent dreams

When at home,
You're at peace...

When you step into the world
You're torn into pieces.
And as you try to find your missing pieces
You fill the gaps with earthly treasures.

The world demands you to hold Samsung galaxy,
But you can barely hold the galaxy;
Its milky way is too immense for you to hold.
'I should rob a bank,' you start to think bold.

When you purchase it,
You start to chase it
When it slips through your hands.
You're scared you might break it.
When the screen cracks,

The cracks break you;
And there goes your luck,
Out of line like stray ducks.
You've run out of it,
You're no longer a star buck.

So you take a trip to the mall,
To take your mind off your phone.
Maybe you're going to bowl at the alley.
But the mall,
Another track to rally your obsolete dreams.

You pass by zara,
You're not an earner, you have nada
Yet you can barely resist the calling,
Of the recent trends that suit your dressing.
You dress fly so you need some new knitting.

Hooked up you now look decent
Alas your card's swiped out you're crying out why?
But you stunt in your new tee; nevertheless,
Thinking life is a simple cup of tea.

Until you wash it...

Sadly you forgot to read all about it,
"wash separate from colored clothes."
You'd never know, all you do is get clothed,
When it dries, it's all faded
and you think they sold you lies.

Books don't lie,
Planned obsolescence is a written down fact,
It's that "extra, extra, read all about it."

And you'll figure that your brand new shoe,
which sparks a "nigga moment" with out a clue,
Is not meant to forever stand by you.
It's just another obsolete dream sold to you

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