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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 31 March 2014

Al habibi

Al habibi, al habibi
we once had innocence,
'til we lost our way.
I lost mine the day we met.

Al habibi, al habibi
we're now moving at break neck speed
as I lure you in with sinful whims,
I gag myself but my mind keeps speaking

Al habibi, al habibi
I'd like to sip off your juice like wine out a chalice,
these are the things my mind says to me, I admit,
my thoughts a foul but I do try to tame myself.

Al habibi, al habibi,
haram is very sweet,
we often like to taste it;
ayeh it's cursed like swine meat,

Al habibi, al habibi,
I want this but I seek shelter,
not more reason for me to falter.
haven't you heard?

Al habibi, al habibi,
last days are nigh,
so I shan't quench my thirst,
by drowning in ecstatic lust.

Al habibi, al habibi,
God has given us shelter,
if we chose to take this further,
we should first do Nikkah!

Al habibi, al habibi,
May the almighty guide you.
for I am weak and so are you,
so together apart is what's better.

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