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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 31 March 2014

The friend request

I have grown distaste
of this new found friend request,
that cuts out the thrill of the chase
stumbled upon in friendship quest.

Request sent-friendship barely the intent,
just another connection on the world wide web,
to help share and display implicit thoughts.

Our characters bent, we're voyeurs who secretly vent,
over unsaid things yet we didn't pay friendship rent;
the foundation for a friendship that already up and went.

We are acquainted by an internet link,
Ayeh far away from connection like a Wi-Fi link.
we are up all night following links,
stalking so called friends instead of telling them what we think.

We add numbers so we can whatsapp,
too scared to walk up to people and actually say wassup.
Downloading apps so we can BBM them,
yet with our eyes we can barely see through them.

Updating statuses that mislead friends,
yet when we visit the clinic to check our status,
we can barely share the truth with our friends

We check out so called friends' profiles,
to see if  we'll get along like a single file,
yet our social network friendship,
is incomplete and bound to sink like a leaking ship.

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