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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Friday, 3 May 2013

Love letter

Dear love,
            I have written to you many a day but you must be busy.
First off;
I would like to commend you on helping me fall head first over and over again, It was worth the ride downhill; ayeh, at the end of the journey I seemed somewhat surprised by the pain in return.
May times I have tried to understand you but all in vain despite persistent effort. So I would like you to send me a users manual to get me through the basics of getting to know you a tad more.
I talked to cupid recently and he said he wanted to quit.
I wonder how you’re going to administer in coming times? I am sorry to be delivering this information to you but he said you have recently been out of your gourd and have often sent him to wrong clients.  Many of whom have averted to administering hate.
A message from one of your patients;
love, sir/madam

Unfortunate for you, fortunate for me that I have been able to consummate without your help. On that note, I will no longer require your services. If you please, forgive me for inciting hatred. Many of my ex-partners(dissatisfied clients) distressed and bewildered have let me go for my unruly behaviour. Nonetheless, I am feeling orgasmic! 
                                            Your dear friend, Casanova.
Fifth and last;
It is high time you got off your feet and talked to these people that are getting betrothed without your consent. It is because of these people that words like; Bitch, gold digger, broke nigger, stupid nigger, white trash whore, white tramp, little Chinese faggot, divorce and many other words of the like.(Excuse my French) Have become quite common within the world. So please, come in quick and rinse out all these dirty mouths that are larking around the world.
Thank you,                                                                               

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