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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dear Mother,

I wrote this for you to reminisce on all you've taught me.
From you, I have learnt,
amicability from the warmness you give of, 
contentment other than being like Oliver,
patience in this hurrying world,
ambition and with it I will push forth,
passion for it is a driving force that has kept you, 
shame from my mistakes that made you cry.
courage from how you have solely managed.
joy, the aura of your beauty and reason for your bliss
hard work from the voice telling me not to procrastinate,
endurance through watching you fight the good fight, 
respect but also when it’s right to break the law,
failure and how to get back up and re-use my pores.
right from wrong and what is wrong I deplore.
love and loving you, I will do so, evermore.
Furthermore;Despite the future that glimmers dimly onto me. 
I shall not be impeded from moving, 
For you are the headlamps on my path,
I will get there for you are seeing me through.

I will carry the virtues you have taught me wherever I go. 
They will be proof of your existence and when I get there,
wherever it might be, 
I hope I make you proud.  
I pray to God that you live a long, happy energetic and fruitful life.

LLL.... ^_^

Thursday, 13 October 2011

What if?

What if?.
skies beyond our reach were never breached by hailstorms,
rains only dwindled to feed crops and moisten green grass,
snow only played the role of beauty on Christmas,
and nature stayed ever green as roses and hibiscus blossomed,
animals raced through their habitats fearless of falling,
birds chipped through the sky chipping sweet songs-
of peace and not discreetly mourning. 
What if the ozone was still in its true nature?
What if? 

What if?
Mankind only lived to love,
technology was used for peace and eradicated poverty,
deprived families had plenty at their disposal,
disease was a mere illusion,wealth was not pride,
rebels raided homes of the hopeless to help them,
terrorists harmonised instead of terrorise,  
and being humane was what made people conceited.
What if people all over the world woke up to peace?
What if?