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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 31 March 2014

The friend request

I have grown distaste
of this new found friend request,
that cuts out the thrill of the chase
stumbled upon in friendship quest.

Request sent-friendship barely the intent,
just another connection on the world wide web,
to help share and display implicit thoughts.

Our characters bent, we're voyeurs who secretly vent,
over unsaid things yet we didn't pay friendship rent;
the foundation for a friendship that already up and went.

We are acquainted by an internet link,
Ayeh far away from connection like a Wi-Fi link.
we are up all night following links,
stalking so called friends instead of telling them what we think.

We add numbers so we can whatsapp,
too scared to walk up to people and actually say wassup.
Downloading apps so we can BBM them,
yet with our eyes we can barely see through them.

Updating statuses that mislead friends,
yet when we visit the clinic to check our status,
we can barely share the truth with our friends

We check out so called friends' profiles,
to see if  we'll get along like a single file,
yet our social network friendship,
is incomplete and bound to sink like a leaking ship.

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The bearded fellow.

I used to watch you...
all intricate and placid
dressed like a mannequin .
You looked wise, acted it too,
maybe you had me fooled.

You never sat to ruminate
You were always on the go
like you needed the Lou,
But never on a grand scheme,
simply revolving go nowhere,
like a guinea on a tread mill.

You had taste like coleslaw,
yet no patience to go slow,
always getting good things,
to flaunt not treasure them,
then sell them off cheap-
to first bidder when broke,

I always thought beards
symbolised wisdom, ayeh,
you were just a wise-ass,
somewhat a wiseacre,
one that lied too much;
lies smooth as lashes

It be true that you're pious, thank God,
maybe that's why you're a bearded fellow
alas one that never pulls at them to think.
I wonder why I thought you wise?

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Obsolescent dreams,

Obsolescent dreams

When at home,
You're at peace...

When you step into the world
You're torn into pieces.
And as you try to find your missing pieces
You fill the gaps with earthly treasures.

The world demands you to hold Samsung galaxy,
But you can barely hold the galaxy;
Its milky way is too immense for you to hold.
'I should rob a bank,' you start to think bold.

When you purchase it,
You start to chase it
When it slips through your hands.
You're scared you might break it.
When the screen cracks,

The cracks break you;
And there goes your luck,
Out of line like stray ducks.
You've run out of it,
You're no longer a star buck.

So you take a trip to the mall,
To take your mind off your phone.
Maybe you're going to bowl at the alley.
But the mall,
Another track to rally your obsolete dreams.

You pass by zara,
You're not an earner, you have nada
Yet you can barely resist the calling,
Of the recent trends that suit your dressing.
You dress fly so you need some new knitting.

Hooked up you now look decent
Alas your card's swiped out you're crying out why?
But you stunt in your new tee; nevertheless,
Thinking life is a simple cup of tea.

Until you wash it...

Sadly you forgot to read all about it,
"wash separate from colored clothes."
You'd never know, all you do is get clothed,
When it dries, it's all faded
and you think they sold you lies.

Books don't lie,
Planned obsolescence is a written down fact,
It's that "extra, extra, read all about it."

And you'll figure that your brand new shoe,
which sparks a "nigga moment" with out a clue,
Is not meant to forever stand by you.
It's just another obsolete dream sold to you

Hide and seek.

When I'm done counting,
I open my eyes and shout "MARCO",

ayeh I never here you say "polo"
so I spend years trying to find you.

When you clock one hundred,
and it's time for you to find me,

you lay trails of sweet nothings,
and I come out like tiger to prey.

Ready to give my all to you, 
yet I'm supposed to stay hidden;

I break my riot shield,
and expose all my emotion...

We play this game called; 
hide and seek were you cheat,

for you hide and I seek, 
when I hide, you don't seek.

Red rose.

Sent out to study in a world so guile,
Aldridge mingles and makes a new friend.
One whose lustrous stunning eyes
stole his soul when you looked too long.

His biggest weakness was loving to deep,
so he feared to settled down and have a single lover
so he moved person to person like a Casanova ,
sucking out souls like smoke from a bong.

So when he was stunned her soul made him eager,
he longed to suck her life out like a vampire.
but she's was different she became his Achilles heel,
she broke his pattern and made him change for better.

The whiff of her rose had tingled his nose,
so he had fallen for her and he committed,
she had tamed him and he had become loyal,
they were in love and it's ambience spoilt them.

In too deep things started to change,
she withdrew from him and he needed answers,
he found out she had been set up for another,
and she could not go against her father.

Bells rang, the chapel sang,
and at the back of the row he stood,
baring in hand; a bouquet of red roses,
matched with his black Tux,
making her groom look odd.

When doors swung open,
she sauntered forward,
like a dove over a rippled water.
she paused when she realised,
he was in the crowd...

When they met eye to eye,
she unveiled, dropped her peonies,
abandoned her wedding rituals,
and run into his arms to hug him.

They ran out arm by arm, ayeh,
as her red hair swayed all over the air
she felt his grasp loosen and he fell back,
he had been shot to the head by her father

He lay to rest, with his bouquet of red roses
in his right hand resting over his chest.
R.I.P Aldridge, March 18, 2014.

Al habibi

Al habibi, al habibi
we once had innocence,
'til we lost our way.
I lost mine the day we met.

Al habibi, al habibi
we're now moving at break neck speed
as I lure you in with sinful whims,
I gag myself but my mind keeps speaking

Al habibi, al habibi
I'd like to sip off your juice like wine out a chalice,
these are the things my mind says to me, I admit,
my thoughts a foul but I do try to tame myself.

Al habibi, al habibi,
haram is very sweet,
we often like to taste it;
ayeh it's cursed like swine meat,

Al habibi, al habibi,
I want this but I seek shelter,
not more reason for me to falter.
haven't you heard?

Al habibi, al habibi,
last days are nigh,
so I shan't quench my thirst,
by drowning in ecstatic lust.

Al habibi, al habibi,
God has given us shelter,
if we chose to take this further,
we should first do Nikkah!

Al habibi, al habibi,
May the almighty guide you.
for I am weak and so are you,
so together apart is what's better.