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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 31 March 2014

Red rose.

Sent out to study in a world so guile,
Aldridge mingles and makes a new friend.
One whose lustrous stunning eyes
stole his soul when you looked too long.

His biggest weakness was loving to deep,
so he feared to settled down and have a single lover
so he moved person to person like a Casanova ,
sucking out souls like smoke from a bong.

So when he was stunned her soul made him eager,
he longed to suck her life out like a vampire.
but she's was different she became his Achilles heel,
she broke his pattern and made him change for better.

The whiff of her rose had tingled his nose,
so he had fallen for her and he committed,
she had tamed him and he had become loyal,
they were in love and it's ambience spoilt them.

In too deep things started to change,
she withdrew from him and he needed answers,
he found out she had been set up for another,
and she could not go against her father.

Bells rang, the chapel sang,
and at the back of the row he stood,
baring in hand; a bouquet of red roses,
matched with his black Tux,
making her groom look odd.

When doors swung open,
she sauntered forward,
like a dove over a rippled water.
she paused when she realised,
he was in the crowd...

When they met eye to eye,
she unveiled, dropped her peonies,
abandoned her wedding rituals,
and run into his arms to hug him.

They ran out arm by arm, ayeh,
as her red hair swayed all over the air
she felt his grasp loosen and he fell back,
he had been shot to the head by her father

He lay to rest, with his bouquet of red roses
in his right hand resting over his chest.
R.I.P Aldridge, March 18, 2014.

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