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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 27 February 2014

It's a shame

We walk this world blind, with eyes gazed high-
stained with piercing pride to see us to fame.

We strive to compete- creating enemies,
instead of bettering ourselves to make ends meet.

We point fingers towards others, painting them red,
instead of noting that treads of our fingers-differ.

We count numbers in class, hoping one day to stack paper,
yet paper is nature and when cut down starts to affect us.

We leave our families, trekking miles looking for frenemies,
yet our backs always stand firm and guarded on our trees.

We poison our souls with envy like devils to a God,
yet we should be exuberant in modesty above all.  

We fight against each other brain washed like barbarians,
yet we can survive and thrive as one nation ask  librarians.

We shame God claiming life magically started with a big bang,
yet with a snap of finger, can go abra cadabra and pull trigger.

In castled houses we're homeless unlike those in card board homes;
earning a coin a day concluding with poverty as their sin to pay.

We like to be bright as colour to seek attention like barking dogs,
ayeh when push calls shove our loud minds turn silent like logs.

We don't trust each other as a team so attain selfish goals,
yet when opportunity is availed, failure points its fingers to all.

We are a team, and as team mates,
ones shame brings shame to another.

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