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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Friday, 21 February 2014

A valentines special, introducing Loathpid

The pids were twins born in the same pod,
first ever of their kind to join mankind.
One to spread love and affection,
the other to dissipate it and cause havoc.

They had a perfect love-hate relationship.
Cupid would hug and kiss his older brother,
Loathpid plotted endless ways to hurt Cupid.
They were friends; ayeh, would go at it like foes.

Loathpid matured faster than Cupid,
so he'd spend endless nights working late,
spreading hate as Cupid slept and dreamt-
unaware of the greatness of his power.

Loathpid grew to hate Cupid's "love shit,"
they gradually fell apart and went separate ways.
Cupid started working but missed his brother,
when off work, searched the world to find him...

The closest they ever get is crossing paths on;

Valentines day,
February, 2013.

Seated by a pond,
two lovers indulge in ice cream,
they giggle, chit chat, and do-
all the things friends do.

Cupid shows up for morning duty,
slings an arrow on her booty.
In shock she flinches forward,
fumbles and drops her cone-

which tumbles onto her lover,
who jolts back and falls
into pond adorned with leaves,
they giggle as love blossoms...

The massacre of hearts,
Valentines day,
February, 2014.

In a pent house up so high,
the love birds high off love
soared the sky lost in kisses,
so the world was shut out.

They didn't hear loathpid come in.
he struck him on his bum-
with a spear like aqua man's,
which shook and made him numb.

As he reacted to the numbing pain,
he shoved his lover off the rail,,
she wailed as she plummeted,
tearing through the furry clouds.

Wails turned into queer giggles,
she could't believe where love was bound
'fore she splattered all over the ground,
and her lover threw himself over the rail.

Loathpid had returned for revenge.

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