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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Friday, 21 February 2014

Does the rod groom a child?

A father from hell might yell,
because his son didn't make it to Yale.
Ayeh, why raise his rod,
when his son did his best?

You've warned your daughter of fire
but she keeps playing around and with it.
Should  you take out your rod and use it,
Or let the fire give her a free lesson?

A child might be playing in a park,
and as he slides he breaks his hand,
then his furious mother starts to bark,
like the rod is going to fix his hand.

You might use the rod on your daughter,
taming her not to fall for the neighbour,
yet when she matures and becomes older,
the world is filled with fools going to tease her.

When the world is painted red,
and fear is created using our rods-
by whipping children for walking into it,
they'll quiver and fail when it's time to face it.

Parents wield the power of the rod.
power sometimes falls into wrong hands,
and is also often misused and abused,
when emotions aren't sieved from actions,

Far be it from me to tell one how to raise child,
I have none of my own ayeh, If you use your rod,
you might groom your child, yet if you don't,
you create room to influence and give guidance due. 

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