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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 11 August 2014

Ndio tupendane

How do you start something that hasn't commenced?
Then write it to and end it yet it hasn't been read?
Something you see and feel kwani unajua it's not real,
something that seems so right, basically the perfect deal
yet even in surrealism it just won't roll off the reel,

Let's just say for chance's sake, with our hopes in the stars.
That the gates of love opened, and you and I fell in love,
Would something still be holding you back from me?
Would it fear be holding you in suspense telling you not to fall?
After all love is great overall why would you let that take a toll?

As I day and night dream of you,
It doesn't hinder me, for I-
notice flickering hope afar,
it's an art piece of sort,
shining into my thoughts,
Just like you linger all day long.

Although, my dreams of you are a sign that I am smitten,
surely in thought, dream, and reality it is unwritten.
it's no wonder I feel only the short end of the stick,
albeit, I'm inspired to bend on knee to give this a kick;
Huyo ni nani holding you from loving me?
Kwani hawaoni that we are meant to be ?
the stars have been aligned,
they should let us live our lives, 

Ndio, Tupendane, ndio tupendane

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