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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 11 August 2014


When will you, no how did I,
fall like a domino when I
barley know you so.
They call it love at first sight. or is it,
crush on first land?
This diner plate didn't diner wait, 
I got served too early,
now the weight on my plate-
that brought fate
overwhelms me.
Like a piano from the sky-
it landed on me out of nowhere,
I want this to go somewhere;
ayeh, we're in-between places,
between love and stranger.

The line, the line is so thin.
I could lie, then charm you with a grin,
why start this with sin?

How is it, no, why is it
you say no words,
yet still, 
you spit this body language
that swindles my emotion
as I wait you in love claim.
I'm worried you won't pick me.
I sent you a love claim letter...
If you claim your baggage,
you'll know that it's unlettered,
no its not Braille; 
ayeh you can feel it.
No I'm not blind,
I saw you with my eyes wide open;
love at first sight, or is it-
crush on first land?
When will you, no, how did I


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