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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 2 June 2016

"Golden heart...?" [Performance piece]

"Golden heart...?"

I Gave her everything...
It's no wonder I lost my mind...

I gave her my eyes!
I failed to see all these beautiful girls-
they were needles, she was my hay stack;
ayeh, she didn't go blind for 'I'.

I gave her my lips,
I kissed hers with passion-
whilst her eyes were wide open,
scavenging her next prey,

I gave her my back,
I hunched back so she would hop on.
I carried her heavy heart and baggage,
but like her last our time didn't last.

I gave her my feet,
it's no wonder I couldn't move on,
I had no means to carry me forward,
I should have known she was a dead end.

I gave her my mind; I LOST IT!
She took it places it had never been,
she misguided it you wouldn't believe,
I turned stalker for a hawker selling lust...

I gave her my heart!
I excavated and reached for it,
I've been stalking her to find out if she sold it!
It turns out she couldn't refine it to see its worth,

For I found each gold carat piece,
rolling in the wind,
like a broken tumbleweed.

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