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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Reckless love

(Day 3)
“Get out or I’ll stab you like a thug” He said,
while holding a knife to her.

(Day 1)
Drugs and alcohol induced desire,
and a sweet ol' pair made love without a care.
Johnny rode his curvy horsy,
spanking it and speaking naughty...

After climax it was time sit back and relax,
Chit chat and pour back a can from a six pack.
But tipsy Johnny started to get a tad horny,
He wanted more, she was tired, he got haughty


He woke and realised she had gone. He knew he had done something wrong.
 'I wonder what I said that made her storm off', he pondered
In a text message later in the day after millions of missed calls, he wrote,
"baby 4gve me if I sed samthin to offend ya
but I'm no strangya, I've been here for ya
Wud u rather dnce wth a mask'd Lucifa?"

(Day 2)
The next morning, he set out to find her.
He figured she would do something regrettable.
Throwing their relationship into the inevitable.

He rings the bell to her place, and after an excruciating wait,
A stout man with plenty of weight opens the door to his fate.
Then Angel dressed down, follows.

Seeing her in her under garments left him without no words to lament,
He turned around and walked away.

On his way home, raving his engine in rage, he pondered,
'I can’t believe her she’s gone for a day and still needs a quick fix.
I should have fixed her and her stout champ!
maybe I'm being selfish, maybe I pushed her...
I pushed her to slip and side onto him over night?'

(Day 3)
A knock on the door wakes him and he slugs to open
before him, Angel carried frustration with her,
she had come to give it to him yet he was hangover,
His head was pounding he had been drinking Teachers,
then she started to rant...

“Why’d you walk off?” She asks as she follows him to the kitchen

“Huh," He turned and looked at her confused and said, "Were you getting a massage??”

“You don’t know what you put me through, do you?" she said to his back.
"Then you go ahead and think am out to get laid?”

"How would I know, I wasn't the one strolling naked in an apartment with a stranger."

"First of all he's not a stranger,"

"Are you listening to yourself right now?" he asked.

"No, but listen to me," she said. pulling at his shoulder.
"You can't go around hurting people's feelings like you're some kind of God.

He was getting infuriated but she kept spiting him

“I want to work things out but I can't take my mind off what you said.
How dare you call me a whore? HOW DARE YOU?
I must mean nothing to you, It’s no wonder you don't respect me"

"Stop right there!" He cuts her short: holding a table knife mid air
“First off, You’re a whore! You lie like it earns you money,
then you have the audacity, to come here and question me, honey,
Get out of my house! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!
Get out or I’ll stub you like a thug, GET OUT!”

She reaches out for him, kisses him deep and he drops the knife...

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