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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

First Class Transgressions

“Flight number EK729, is now boarding"
The speaker box sent dispatch.
While in terminal 3,
Aldrige’s was caught in a dilemma,
He had to chose between beauty and duty.

Her ticket read: business class.
clearly she was out of his league,
But using her distress he made a pass,
and broke open her invisible siege.

He got caught up in her beauty,
her red lips that sang kiss me,
her black dress screaming hold me,
and her cheetah print shoes saying catch me.

They got into conversation,
he flattered her every portion.
She got sprung, he got hung.
They sealed it all with a meal and a kiss,

"Last call for flight BA246 to London,”
She jolted up shocked by the announcement,
panic set in and Aldrige too remembered,
his wife awaited him at departure gate...

A hug and another kiss sealed goodbye.
'Moments like these never come by,'
He thought to himself as he rushed to the gate.
Once he reached, the gates were closed,
and no amount of kisses could open them.

He had missed his flight, and couldn't find his wife
“Sir, please go to the transfer counter,” said the man in a red blazer.

He made my way to the transfer desk,
hoping to sort out his query. Upon reaching,
he found his mystery girl making an inquiry,
a big wig so a few words got her to the V.I.P gate.

She dashed right away, he had a fine to pay.
She didn't bid him so long, a flying kiss would have sufficed,
ayeh not even a glance was cast- he cursed playing part,

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