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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The devil's workshop

Meet Dave, a car dealer;
a serpent from idle wood.

After a long day’s work,
It’s time for him to close shop.
but evil deeds call him to slop,
as he waits for night to set in.

Once he gets idle,
a pretty young thing passes by,
igniting the works of the devil-
he stops her and lays out credentials.

His wife, a nymphomaniac by night,
awaits him eagerly to come back home,
despite waning in self control.

Dave's distracted by his new catch
a loose cannon; a devils advocates,
who now plays apprentice, 
to him as he probes and bates.

Up goes his roller door,
he drools like a starving dog-
as she saunters past him...

He shuts the roller door,
switches on the lights,
the cars inside galore.
his works inspire awe...

While his wife at home- 
burning with desire, 
fights sleazy thoughts,

he idolises a sultry woman;
a temptress to those in fame,
and banker to those that adore her.

They get in the zone and cosy, 
she shoves him onto the sofa.
slips right onto him like a loafer,
he slides her slit aside and has his way.

Their lips engage in strange conversation,
the temperature in the room rises-
as his hands waltz beneath her dress.
they go at it till they both undress.

As they dine on forbidden fruit,
his wife longs to taste its juice.
A knock on the door triggers her excitement,
to her dismay, it's the delivery boy.

A handsome young male,
who had always made her weak
like an aroma to a starving tummy.
This time she intended to eat.

He walked passed her in his tight shirt,
patches of sweat down his back.
he was beyond  irresistible,
she decided to play smart.

She started off with small talk,
complimenting him on his walk,
then sat atop the kitchen counter.
She wore patras that revealed her.

She called him to come closer,
wrapped her legs around him,
he hesitated, she teased him,
he got caught in her trap.

Her husband had called it a wrap,
he closed shop and handed her gwap,
dropped her off and then set off
to make his way to Idlewood.

His wife was engaged.
First into conversation,
then into luring her bate-
to get her horns decapitated.

The delivery boy failed to resist,
so he played it by advantage,
after-all he kept sexual scores,
so he cut and ate his cake.

Dave, now in Idlewood manoeuvres home,
the gate slides open, he drives in and parks.
He notices the delivery boy’s van in the lawn,
wonders why the boy's not out in the field.

The two miscreants captive in sin,
as they soar close to satisfaction,
ears blocked from distraction-
fail to hear him walk in,

Dave swings open the kitchen door,
he's struck by sexual galore.

"An idle mind;
is an arena for games.
It brings an opponent,
that sells you whims." Ebrahim

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