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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tears on the mic.

He grasps his mic and braces himself
the curtain rises, the spotlight shines,
He walks into it timid but firm and sings:

“I knew I loved you from the start,
you were meant to be my girl,
but until the very end,
we were meant to play pretend…”

The second spotlight queues her in.
Standing an arms distance away
and with panache she sings:

“You just had to love another,
and you left me mad and blue.
Counting stars in solitude,
In the crispy twilight moon,
All alone no one to hold,
All alone no one to hold”

 “You knew I had to move on," He sings
I didn't mean to be cold,
I thought all we did was play pretend.
 The truth is our love will not fade...”

Together; “ The truth is our love will
not fade, so hold on...

He walks to her as the lights dim,
he holds her hand and swoons her,

“I remember back in high school,
You were smart and sexy so cool.
knew I loved you but you had to you
Go ahead and leave another
he crescendos and then fades...

The sound of the piano wanes,
and its tempo gently slows..
She attempts to sing,

“ the truth is out love will not fade
 And I hope, I hoooope,
I will love you 'til, the very end…”

The timbre of her tone cracks,
Her voice turns into sobs.
tears drop onto the mic
Then she runs off the stage,
the crowd sighs in remorse.

He follows her to the back
Walks up to her and asks,
“What happened back there?”

She breaks down but tries to speak,

“I love you...
Each night that day unfolds,
All I long for is your embrace
for these nights are way too cold.
But all we are is just friends.

So, all I can do is pretend,
Like i don't feel butterflies.
When you hold my hand and pry,
I try, to pretend i do not levitate,
when you hug me yet it takes me to the sky.
Then all it does is make me hate you”

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