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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

War Fare

An assemblage of soldiers stand outside their captains bank,
He walks out, grey haired, mug faced but calm, and stands at ease to speak...

 "I have watched you evolve and grow
accustomed to the harsh scent of gun powder in the air,
It often worries me. But tomorrow, more than ever,
You prove yourselves worthy of life."

A command yelled beyond their barricade woke them,

Serge run to the barricade and braced them,
“Beyond this barricade is a cage,
all I ask of you today, is to break free...

they manoeuvred past the barricade
In the shadows of abandoned forest.
Bullets made friends with enemies,
Bombs deafened ears many men died.
But Serge charged on like an alpha,
treading over ponds of blood and corpse,
till a bullet bound struck him to the chest.

weeks later...

serge’s father, old and frail plodded to the door and opened.
His wife by his side oozed of worry as the trooper stood before them .

The trooper avoided awkward  silence and delivered his message,

"Jerry Sevens fought his last fight.
He led our troop into a winning battle.
It is sad to report that he was shot and severely injured.
We would like you to sign these papers of his release,
and come with us to the hospital, He awaits you. "

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