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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sweet Heaven

Life is a stretch of endless doors,
running side by side for miles.
We are inquisitive travellers, 
entering doors to discover.  

I have opened many doors, 
some of which upon entry-
exposed my many flaws,
fears, and worries.

Some have revealed my interests,
some have led me into darkness,
some have taught profound lessons,
but none guided me to my purpose.

Then I found this one door slightly ajar,
a light peeked through so it made me wonder,
ayeh, I was hesitant to walk in yet curious,
then a strong wind swung open the door,

I caved and when I turned to look up; 
a shimmering light blinded me for a moment.
It faded away and I saw a moving walkway,
I placed my feet on it and conveyed forward.

It was all paper white until I lit a thought,
my imagination appeared, I felt like a god,
nature sprouted from the floor I didn't have to draw,
the atmosphere was olive-green until I thought of war.

I saw walking corpses manipulated by demagogues,
it was then that I realised I had the power,
to manipulate my thoughts and influence the world,
to tap into my source and script a better world.
I entered a haven where I could look forward to tomorrow,
Poetry, my sweet heaven, gave me a way to obliterate sorrow.

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