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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 25 April 2013

It turns out, there's beauty everywhere...

It was a Saturday with skies sans birds,
as I basked in ambience of joyous emotion.
til a wrecking ball swung toward me,
I run for my life but hell had less fury.

Once struck, my weary body collapsed,
and my heart under rubble started to wither.
I was sealed off  with yellow tape,
burdened by regret but it was too late...

For many days I lay there devastated,
til an engineer came my way-
fancied the remains of my abode,
shovelled rubble over my heart,

wrenched it but it put up resistance-
it flickered with hope but was hesitant,
and in effort to get it to work that instant.
it caved even more upon persistence,

My pessimistic mind and weary body
scorned my fractured heart as it got nursed.
It started to beat, something felt right,
it was a feeling I could no longer fight.

Flickers were a sign of hope,
pessimism was a sign of fear,
they say think with your mind not heart,
had I thought with my mind I'd still be broken.

Had I not clung onto hope I'd be reckless,
Now I'm pieced with peace I'm whole again...
No matter how broken you are,
there'll always be someone to fix you...

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