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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I still love you, why?

I remember the first time I met you,
we were in the village by fire place awaiting dinner.
You were dressed in brown had a pot like figure,
your skin was fair, you were thick and hot.

A friend of mine asked me to taste you,
said my life would put its fate in you.
I dived and you burnt me like a flame,
I died that night then rose again.
then held onto you for support.
but you started to kill my rapport.

We grew to become great friends,
I once broke our chain link; ayeh,
we made amends and tied knot again

Life changed,
you grew clear to me,
and in my tiger like eyes,
your beauty is fragile and exquisite
dressed in glass, such a fine exhibit,
clear to me like vodka.
with a waist and taste like Bailey's.

One night, we were out together, drinking as usual.
You asked me to pull out one more from the fridge,
one of my unusual, but wished for gig's.

I hate to say but,
that was one of my best nights.
I drunk bottle to bottle,
stayed as firm as a knight-
battling through the night.

Ayeh, my best night was when you came dressed in green,
a napkin hang over your hips like a slit.
As always, you were dressed in glass; fragile!

When we locked lips,
we had conversation through the night.
I had never connected with a person
as much as I did with you. so that night,
the love we made was fresh out intimacy's kitchen.

You listened to my troubles,
it did not matter if it felt like I spoke to myself,
it did not matter if I teared or made a full of myself,
laughed so hard at my misery and teared some more,
pulling a loud snot like I cried through my nose.

None of that put you off,
you always gave me your all,
even if after I started to piss on the road-
in fact you always thought that funny,
the rest called me a drunk, so every time I drunk,
I cursed them out and blamed it on the liquor,
yet my smart mouth only knows how to beaker.

They tried to pull us apart,
told me I had over dozed,
and you, I suppose, were my drug.
They said I had started talking to myself,
holding conversations with walls,
and hurting people's feelings,
like it is not a fact that they have flaws,
yet you, my dear, are flawless.

I fled there so called "sanctuary,"
it felt like I had been there a century.
I met you in a bar down the road,
I was eager for I missed you dearly.

We sat by the counter,
caught up for old times sake,
then relapsed into old habits.
I imbibed off your luscious milky way,
got sucked onto it like the bermuda,
things fell apart after that.

I felt smart yet you tore me apart,
my mother abandoned me,
said I was too caught up loving you.
My kids left me,
said I was too caught up diving in you-
instead of teaching them how to swim, still,
I stuck to the edge of your rim.

I would stagger home to you,
then you would embrace me.
You were always ice cold,
It did not matter because-
like fire, I took away cold.
Then you would hung me again the next day,
and I would resurrect like Jesus in his prime.

The hangovers are now hang over,
it's only the thing I do without you;
All this time we spend together,
has taken away my liver.

It is trapped in your bottle,
sailing away like a message in a bottle,
yet it can't be put to good use.
Still, here I am with you sparkling,
bubbling and brewing in my gold chalice,
looking ready to deliver malice-
before I take my last shot,
hoping it won't give me a stroke.

If you figured out who she is,
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