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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ken.(speaks out)

"They say Barbie's the one for me,
ayeh that's only in life that's HD.

Could we possibly be a perfect pair
all because we are slim and rare?

She, tight and knit in a top showing some cleave.
I, ripped and fit in skinny jeans with my balls trying to breath...


Now every male is trying to be like me,
yet I am trapped in a body where my soul can't be..


I wish I could help you wipe your sweat,
pep talk your mind from things that make you fret.


Ohh this high definition life,
It can drive you mad like your wife!

Yet I am only papier mache;
there's very little I can say.

Yet everyday,
I am a sales man...

I sell a fake life to a man..

How grand!

My sins are many,
and to different hearts they vary.

I give you desire for money,
to buy my leather pants and jeans so skinny.

I make you chase the sweet life,
looking for Barbie, my sweet skinny honey..

Your friends deem you chubby,
I make you uncomfortable in your skin.

Now life is full of irony, I'm sorry,

For as you seek a diet to get skinny,
many die because they are hungry."
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