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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Star crossed lovers.

For a long time,
I had been seated on my star,
masking it with a shadow-
hindering it from its shine.

She says she saw it glow,
said it sparkled through my eyes,
and glittered onto her skin,
then sunk deep into her heart...

Her eyes became ecstatic-
from the cinematic beam of my rays,
that entertained and enthralled-
her every tingling taste bud.

When I caught glimpse of her star shine,
my heart got entwined in her rays,
and all that glittered wasn't gold-
it was but my puny heart...

It had been coloured by love.
we had been gravitating the sky,
deemed out by fear of the unknown,
until our inner glows escaped...

I didn't know stars emitted heat,
it was only when she was by me,
that I felt her warm embrace;
thatch onto me like lace,

It was then that I understood love,
it was then that my heart opened,
it was then that I knew love was unbound
and that it came with no condition...

Our stars crossed,
at the end of it all-
that's all they ever did...
Now all they do is flawlessly glow.

In time, they'll explode and in joyous glory,
Glitter through the sky to tell our story. 

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