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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 31 August 2013

I Skype you

I schemed through Wechat to get your number the other day,
when I dialled it Siri told me you were miles away.

At the end of the day I got to you on Skype;
but couldn't feel you, I could only hear your hype.

Ever since we logged into love and went online,
I've been feeling addicted, I can barely cut the phone line.

I'd love to see you laugh and curve out a smile on your face,
but all I get for sharing meme's is LOL's and a smiley face.

I always want to check up on you to find out whatsapp,
but when you don't feel like chatting all you give me is a thumbs up.

I like to ask you random stuff like you're an encyclopedia,
It often distresses you you say I should ask Quora or Wikipedia.

I miss the days when together we'd chill and hear birds tweet.
it's obvious now all I do when I'm lonely is hash tag and Tweet.

In my moments of joy as I scream "YAHOO!"
I upload them onto Instagram yet I'd rather in real time share them with you.

Lately to cope am always zonked holding tumblur,
if you checked my page you'd find a GIF of me rolling rizla.

It pisses me off like pops ads that a phone is the only connection we've got,
yet I'd like to feel your skin's warmth turns out porn hubs my only jackpot.

I'd surely love to hear you share a heart warming story,
but all I have is these Facebook posts of fake glory.

Loving you is like trying to escape a web, it's such a trial, ask google.
humming bird will tell you our love is viral and we shouldn't be frugal.

So daily despite the cookies on my trail, I'm running from the stereo type,
of that guy who loses sight despite my history being hard to wipe.

For all we're left with is these apps-
To keep us LinkedIn and avoid mishaps.

But no matter the distance; I'll drop box to you for I Skype you.

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