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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mite-y feelings

I had abandoned myself in a box,
where while I larked amid darkness,
I grew an inferiority.complex..

Afraid to tear the box, such childish madness.
Yet out the box is where I could have roamed,
in a land of so much meaningful opportunity.

But I caved and quivered and felt content,
when I broke out, I looked back and felt inane.
Had I no nonchalance, I'd be insane.

The darkness I found comfort in was a hoax,
It made me believe I was loved yet lost
scampering about chasing elusive love.

She was mine, all mine and I was vain as an Alpha,
Little did I know, my brevity was for a mistress,
who all along had a beautiful chateau in Rome.

where she roamed in debauchery and lounged in Italics,
if only she knew that she had me locked me in her box,.
Maybe she'd have given me a mite of feeling to call my own.

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