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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Invest in blessings.

From the skies that resurrect land with rains,
to sun that warms us and helps us harvest,
to vast water bodies that cannot cross paths,
which we utilise to revitalise and clean our bodies,

To herbs and crops that grow on our land,
to animals that protect us and provide food,
we truly are all blessed; ayeh
we should also invest in our blessings

I invest in hope, faith, and hard work,
It's hard to strive if you can't borrow from the future,
hope gives you vision, faith gives you confidence
Hard work is cumbersome but it does pay off.

I invest in prayer and patience,
We all struggle daily to achieve things,
no matter how small they might be. we all do.
Prayer is pep talk and patience brings forth reward.

I invest in friendship and commitment.
If you take time off to show affection and care,
if you're patient and seek to understand
God pays you back with true friendship,

I invest in love and family.
I give love to friends, foes, and family,
for we are all descendants off the same tree,
we uplift each other, if we are there for one another.

If we are grateful and not green in envy,
or shadowed by a canopy of pride.
or waver in belief as we struggle and strive
there's reward in investing in our blessings ..

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