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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Stoned to death

Stoned to death.

"People are sick!"
Mama said after reading some drama.

They's many ways to die,
alone in your sleep as you lie,
after over dozing on sleeping pills
driven by sorrow over tons of bills

Or on the train tracks,
when you're feeling out of luck-
like no one's got your back.
so you jump into death's sack.

Or by the bullet of a rebels gun,
shot to your back you as you run,
far from a so called "servant of God"
deeming your ways ill before the Lord.

Or by the hands of the people
casting you high like a steeple,
nailing you to hang on top of a cross,
yet your death brings them great loss

Or by the power of the law,
hanging over reasons you don't know,
could be you fought righteously against it,
to save the hopeless stuck within it.

Or by loves great cause,
where you overlooked all flaws,
eloped and forgot about laws,
then got penalised into death's claws.

Punished and buried in stones to death,
thrown by those who gave you breath.

I found my mother sighing after watching news,
so we started to talk about what she had seen,
So this piece was inspired by the news headline,
A man and his lady had eloped; however,
under the sharia law they became outcasts,
for their act and were stoned to death.
It's a sad world sometimes...
a song that often makes me ponder on this situation
is Jailer by Asa... check it out,

Also check out the poem mother knows best,
All of these are conversations had with my mother

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