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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 29 June 2014

He says, she says

Everyone believes their input
is always more than the other.
Especially after the tree,
that once held them-
comes falling down.

Then their trunk of love,
that once held them together
lies on the floor,
somehow still useful,
Ayeh; hopeless.

"I cared more,"
"No! I cared more."
"You gave me so much shit,"
"Do you know how much you put me through?
I am glad we're through, crazy, I still love you."

"You never cared!"
"Look whose talking!
Not once did you say to me,
honey, your look beautiful."

"Hah! If only you'd make up just for me,
then veil yourself all the way home,
running to come and show me. But noo,
It reaches here after thousands of eyes have lusted,
appreciated, and still you want my compliment."

"These men don't know how much we put in,
they think loving them is easy."

"Gosh! these women drive me crazy!
They keep saying we're lazy..
Yet we; take out the trash,
go off to work,
go out buy the groceries,
take the kids to school."

"Did you raise them?" they ask.
Then he says-she says becomes a trend.
It's all amazing yet overwhelming,
we never really appreciate each other.
like the world out there isn't hard enough.

Can't we all just look closer,
and appreciate the good and bad,
for they're all life teachers.

                 .   .   .

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