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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 20 October 2014

Chissled heart

My heart was chiselled so it broke into pieces,
it's now like planks of wood used for bonfire.

I'm helpless, my battle cry is the insufficiency
of one to light my flame and keep it ablaze.

My heart burns like red coal mimicking molten lava;
ayeh, no one likes to light a bonfire unless it's necessary.

I remember 'fore my misery how firm it stood,
it was a Pando tree, firm trunk, beautiful leaves,

Till lumberjackie came to shiver me timbers,
and down I tumbled then stumbled onto earth.

My force against the wind released my chi,
I tried to fight the thief but she over powered me..

I only hope that one day I sprout anew...

For I'm now used as a donor, I donate firewood,
and every time they chop, a piece of my heart drops!

Broken to pieces I hurt as I share pieces of heart,
yet they are insufficient for they burn down to ashes.

I'm valuable yet insignificant and that's not sufficient.
so they seek me out only when it's convenient,

light up my pieces, stretch out their hands for my warmth,
play in the fire like kittens with yarn till yearning is satisfied,

and when fire stops burning, I'm left alone chocking
in morbid smoke and ashes of my once lit bonfire heart

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