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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 20 October 2014

Let it rain..

I know you want to smoke,
maybe fill your lungs
with a little bit of hope
ayeh, all it's going to do
is make you cough and choke,

Let it rain, my friend, let it rain...

The troubles of the world
might be caused by emeralds and pearls,
but all that glitters isn't gold,
and all that causes your body to bleed,
isn't always pain; it could glorious change.

Let it rain, my friend, let it rain..

The clouds have formed,
God has, as always; scripted.
and even though love today is unwritten.
pain which makes your heart ache,
 will pass, and like sun, joy will make its way.

Let it rain, my friend, let it rain...

It's the only way your heart will grow,
it's the only way you'll let go of  pain,
it's the only way your hazy eyes will see again.

Let it rain, my dear friend, let it rain...

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