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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Where'd I go wrong?

I seek my missing rib, 
to piece the peace within, 
that broke and chose to jib,
when fear cobwebbed pristine.

 where'd we go wrong?

I know you fear spiders 
but never did I creep,
slyly through cracks to seek- 
black widows to bring fear;
henceforth, making you tear.

You were afraid to love, 
said you needed gloves,
'cause you didn't trust "whores-" 
that chased me from before
seeking my tender rib, 

That had heard I was sweet, 
and longed to have a taste
of what I served in sheets.
Is this what made you weak, 
then give into defeat?
yet all I am is meek, 

And such an act of greed- 
I'd never want to seed.
Have I not plead guilty
of needing you daily?
For you were first like eve;
to-bring-me to-my-knees. 

Ayeh you decided- 
to damage rosy love,
and turn it into a; 
Roman Colosseum, 
before we'd even mate
and sumo fight in bed.

Those lonely black widows,
were not enough reason,
for our change in season. 
To testify with plea, 
their sting would be my death. 
So where did I go wrong?

Didn't I create fire- 
that lit the spark of love?
Didn't I hunt for need- 
to feed all your desires?
Didn't I give you piece-
of heart and precious rib?

You chose to start a war,
pulled out guns and raised walls,
roses my battalion,
their thorns must have brought fear, 
so you aimed gun at me,
shooting down my remnants...

and before coupe de grace, 
you euligised and said, 
my rib and heart not enough
in exchange for your heart,
Yet you gunned mine into tatters, 
and left me to piece my peace.

Now I lay in ruin; 
cobwebbed and desolate.
Hawa, without me in; 
how will we procreate?

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