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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Niggers is a misnomer- for the black man,
used to claim superiority yet it is unlikely-
that a race is dominant or superior over another.
God is just. and there is no justification for oppression;
ayeh, it's likely that oppression is a derivative of fear,
which at the set of sun spreads into the soul and is accepted.

Some of the "Moors" are great trekkers from Africa
who innovated created and dominated the world-
with the will of turning imaginations into possibilities.
Our ancestors from the domain of Egypt depict stories,
of the immense power, ingenuity and intelligence of Negus
which also travelled through pharaoh's tyrannical hands.

Moses, a Negus saved the oppressed "mulatto Jews"
who were there on "blessed" with "knowledge"
over the rest of the world making everyone else-
numb brained and constipated by idiocy for believing-
in this fallacy that they are nothing else but great.

Power is a weapon that can be misused;
although, when one wilds power over multitudes-
will to grow, think, and learn deteriorates;
because of the hefty burden on their shoulder;
so, it can be putsch-from a belligerent leader.

Pride has a lizard skin and like porous rock
withstands prejudice from outside influence.
It's the the lack of self pride that (Negus)
have failed to deem themselves worthy of glory.

Check out the poem I's free.
In case you missed the links click
"Negus" to find out what it means,
and its origin. It's a good read. 

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