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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Skin deep

Being adorned "black" isn't a reason for alarm, 
matter of fact it's a reason to feel utmost prestige.

The different shades of skin originate from deep within, 
they call it melanin; the more of it, the merrier. 
I've seen precious vantablack being demeaned, 
decolonised, bleached, Injected, and infected,
it's a shame, maybe self pride is what they didn't teach us...? 

The origin of man is a tale told over years,
from one to another it's hard to know if it's pure. 
Some say the first pure shade was earth brown, 
I believe so for we were picked from the ground then saw; 
ayeh, as it is with the ground and it's different soils, 
each shade has a different, potency, use, and story,
so it is with us humans, each with their own purpose or relevance,
each with their own clear cut beauty as per time and area of existence.

Cross breeding, migration, weather exposure, and chemical exposure,
are some of the reasons why shade and tones vary per human.
Being ignorant, teased, selfish, and discontent bring us to feel insecure, 
this causes us to cave, "make up," feel inferior, cursed or even inhuman.

Blacks want to be white, whites want to be black, coloureds hate being coloureds, 
Black's feel inferior yet are racist towards themselves and others, 
Coloureds are racist towards themselves and feel superior than blacks,
Caucasians are racist towards everyone but themselves and claim superiority over all. 

It's a tag of war causing complexities, 
a civil and discreet war causing casualties;
ignorant victims that haven't checked the side effects. 
A new "bleached breed" that doesn't know thick melanin is perfect,
it shades and protects the skin from the atmosphere,
yet mercury in these creams cripples it and makes it queer. 

We are the way we are for a reason, 
we should appreciate it, love it, and treasure it,
for the reason behind it is skin deep,
far beyond our sometimes shallow thoughts or actions.

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