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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Another one bites the dust

Echoes of the melodic words;
"once a cheat always a cheat"
tweet in my mind like hummingbirds;

Nag me and keep me on my feet-
ducking shots and ignoring calls,
trying not to deal with the beautiful fleet.

That could re-affect my rapport if nature calls.
'Cause Us guys are easy like ABC's
just a glimpse of skin can break our walls...

See, I've dealt with girls from overseas,
girls that in us see no faults,
and girls that just put you on your knees.

I've told stories of Rita who I run from like bolt,
Hajat that cried wolf in family trivia,
Caslanthia, who worshipped the ground  I waltzed

But as you know, life is a cinema.
every day a new tale to play out for God
from "written scrolls" that reveal who we are.

Now in whirl wind off my feet I'm aboard,
emotional gravity like a leaf midair;
and much as I've given into her fraud...

I still, in silence and wonder as I stare
'cause my eyes are not frostbitten,
and what they see is sometimes unfair.

Fair maidens biting at fiflthy dust,
hoping and wishing over wanderlust-
yet despite this body being chaste,

I also secretly ask myself
what it'd be like if we took this path ?

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