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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 26 September 2016

Pizza delivery!

Her lashes flattered over my chest, it was ticklish, sensual. I could barely keep the urge in. I held her tiny buns with my firm palm and pulled her up and closer. Her thighs right over mine- crossed behind my back, her arms locked over my shoulders; I felt her body shiver. It was neither fear nor the rush of spiteful cold. It was lust rushing through her veins. It felt like Ganga had found its way in her body and the night tides were raging through her. My heart beat like a sledge over hot iron. It had purpose. It was sending me a message. and for every second that ticked. I obliged. Our eyes met, I glanced deep into the vortex of her deep brown pupil. I could see how much she wanted me. The universe didn't oppose, it set the mood right, It was time for our souls to intertwine combine and seal us together. Her back was warm, my luck had grown so I pulled her in closing out all room for us to falter. She closed her eyes. The time was now. I felt hefty between my groin , her nipples were firm, I could feel them press against me, tender! Oh so tender.So I reached in for her lower lip, my eyes closed, my mind out of service. My heart beat- it had turned into an orchestra of percussion drums and hers, even though I was mildly deaf sounded like a conga. If they ripped them out our chests they would march away singing kumbaya- At least there we'd lay locked in each other for our souls to travel up hand in hand from our top most chakra. But reality was with us, not against us, and her lip was cold but sweet like a cherry Popsicle. Once mine enveloped hers,  our body heat rose, it felt like someone had turned up the heat. Yet it was just her and I on my floor bed with a window ajar and white drape waving with a slug as the breeze rolled in. Her body was confused, I felt goosebumps rush up her back, and with passionate swoon, I slipped my tongue past her "lips". I intended to go deep till I had the door bell ring...

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