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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Where's my mac?

After taking a shower, Olivia searched her bag to find her favourite make up.

"O.M.G! I can't believe this bitch! She took my 'MAK'." Said Olivia. Her friend kidema was seated on the bed watching her as she flipped her bag pouring out everything onto her bed to look for her mac. 

"I wonder why she calls it 'MAK.' It's MAC! Ah!" 

"But you know she studied in SA," said Kidema." So she likes to pick up accents... But how sure are you she's the one that took it?" 

"I CAN SMELL HER PERFUME ALL OVER MY BAG! It's like she baths in it! Gosh!" I wonder how her boyfriend turns her on. First of all she's  vantablack and then all that perfume on her neck... looorrdd"

"Haaaa! Olivia you're sooo evil! She's not all that dark. But giiiirl! I'm just lucky she's gone. I love her but she talks toooo much. I always feel a squeak in my ear. You know like, when you've been listening to really loud music a while. 

"I knooow.... hahahha! I wonder if she listens to herself when she's talking. Her boyfriend must tell her "baby, I love you, but shuuuut up!" 

"Hey maje, you alright" said Kidema... She pumped her fist on her chest as if mimicking the sign out of a fist pump. 

"Haha. I wonder, what that word 'maje' means" said Olivia. She must hang out a lot with those locals in her neighboured... You know, 
She's so unbelievable. Especially for someone that's grown up from a really wealthy family. She's just too strange!" 

"I remember the first time I met her," said KIdema." "She was wearing this really long beautiful white dress. I think it was a Friday or something. And she was ranting about how she hates long dresses cause they make her feel like she's dragging a wedding dress. I looked at her in awe. This was like the first thing that came out of her mouth. Then she introduced herself as she sort of pulled back her hair..." 

"She does that a lot, right? Said Olivia. "She's actually pretty shy. It surprises me most times"

"Yeah! So anyway, she goes ahead and asks me, "Maje, do you smoke?" I'm thinking what?! It was so random. She's so random. Ooh poor thing!" 
kidema sat back in her chair and went into a state of ponder... 

"I swear I can't find my mac." Said Olivia. She paced all over her room checking out her dresser and reading table but all in vain. She went onto her knees to look under bed. 

"Ooh, look! It's here..." Olivia scratched her head and looked to the ground in shame.

"And there you were accusing your friend, shame on you! "

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