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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Kola pulled his chair towards the table so he'd place his glass and bowl of groundnuts conveniently rather than hold them in his hands.He had been placing the glass on his thigh. A thing that disturbed Magu because he idled his "fine" tea sets like a glassblower and his glassware and dreaded the day they'd fall to the ground and break.

"Let me tell you something, Kola," Magu pushed back in his office chair and arched back his right hand to hold the edge of the handle. "I am nothing! TO-TA-LLY nothing!"
"Oh wow, nothing," Kola remarked as he looked around Magu's enormous office

"I'm just working hard to get where I want to be," Magu carried on. "BUT! people see me with these things and think I have it all figured out yet I don't!" He rocked back in his chair. "I mean... I might not have the same problems you may have... Those problems of kikumi-kikumi (A local metaphor used to belittle an issue) But I have problems. It's just that mine are now for millions. Don't get me wrong, and I apologise if any of this comes off rude. But, I am being honest. I am being a true friend. Not very many will be able to tell you these things, and I am telling you because I want you to get more out of life.I don't want my kids to be associating with a broke uncle. Do you want to be that uncle that I'll never introduce to my kids?"

Magu went silent for a moment and looked at Kola who had clasped his hands before of his face.

"I'm guessing that's a no!"  Kola held his chin and his face lit up with an awkward smirk.
"But seriously Kola, what do you want out of life? Do you know you've had so many opportunities? But your ego has let them slip out of your hands. I know you, I know you very well! When things get tough you bail. isn't that true?"

'oh wow,' Kola thought.

"Take a look at your past with your friend... That guy you started business with... What happened when shit hit the fan? Did you fight for your own, Did you even try? You just runaway, now LOOK at where he is, LOOK! He might not be where I am but he is somewhere... He is somewhere. Do you think you're becoming younger?"

"So what ya say is am a failure, ey? asked Kola. "You no understand, bruh.  I dan been pon di yard working my ass off on a daily, I dan swept the streets with a couple of my yardi boys looking for a shilling. I done been out there spitting poetry and flowing rhyme after rhyme with mi rap basically on the grind and you have the auDAcity to keep on chatting and dancing pon mi ead!  You-a-mad man!..."

Disgruntled by the conversation, Kola shook his head, closed his eyes for a moment and laid back with his hands over his head.   "You no, bruh, I always thought you wanted me to handle tings how you a'handle em."

"No, no, Kola, that's where you get me wrong!"

"Nah bruh, listen!" Check dis, I realised your intent was to tear di pages out of mi book and put deir your own... So all dis while I've been try'na do tings how you want dem to be done instead of takin' on mi own journey and apprecia'tin dat I've made it up to here from zero  So mi dear friend, you could'a compare me to 'im and 'im but you got to be careful. Non of da tings your chasin after a go give you piece of mind.

"Nooo, Kola. Don't get me wrong."

"Deir you go again! Da problem is you never listen, brah, You always keep yappin' and yappin' like you've got some verbal iLLness or sometin'. You better be careful, yeah. I might be the one that's walKin through your life to give you a lesson that you might be missin'"

"Like I said, Kola. I don't know much and I don't even have anything to my name. I just want what's good for you."

"But you na listen! You jut out dere pointin' fingers and disectin' a broda like you know what's in my inner. Let me ask you one quick question, yeah. Do you tink I haven't put in my all for mi business?"

"You convinced yourself you had done enough and you've opted to leave the country as a scapegoat from your problems. But, let me tell you something. You are going to leave them here and your going to come back when they have multiplied threefold! But anyway, the final resolve is by you . I can say all these things but at the end of the day, it's you that makes the final decision."

Kola nodded his head and said, "True... true."

Mindi, Kola's friend walked in on them from the reception where she waited for him.   "I've been hearing you two mumu's(fools) going on and on about nothing like little girls," Said Mindi.
They looked at her in shock, she took off her spectacles to rub her eyes. and placed them onto Magu's table
"So I had to come in to stop you so I can finish my book... Magu, You better be thankful to God for giving you the ability that you have and blessing your endeavours. All the clients you approach have the capability of saying no, but God's grace softens their hearts and opens doors for you. Don't forget that!" Magu scratched is bold head.
 "Kola, You lazy mumu!" Kola looked down shamed by her words.
"Things don't come easy, especially in business! God can only bless the work of you hands if you are committed and persistent. It's also important to know that many of us are anointed to do certain things. A lot of times we do other things to get us to that point. I can't tell you what's for you. But, you'll know when you know! One last thing. Money isn't the epitome of success. We get that wrong in this materialistic world that pressurises us, puts us in positions where we become selfish and lose our way. We should learn to be content whilst working to keep ourselves afloat and happy."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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