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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 29 October 2016

A glitch in the system

I toss and turn when I'm half dead-fast asleep,
It must be that my soul needs to escape my body
where I'm limited and fear reality will soon intercept-
my subconscious and ruin serendipity in dream state.
For when I wake, my mind won't let me rest in peace,
It dispatches messages to my subconscious making me unconscious,
as I try to fathom contradictions that destitute me of hope,
I've been tuned to distinguish right from wrong-
often some rights seem wrong and some wrongs seem right.
The glitch in the system bothers me I'm appalled.
I once was innocent back when I was ignorant,
until my ignorance boomeranged against me,
then knowing things became my reason to live.
I now know too much, a lot of which I wish,
I could unlearn, re-spool and store away.
yet too much isn't enough, I need more than more,
I yearn for infinity I'm insatiable, I'm a back hole,
I'm limitless yet seem to retain less and less,
more reason for me to stress, I'm a time bomb ,
and once I explode I'll limbo into oblivion.

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