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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 20 October 2016


        On an afternoon break after a harsh morning, I let out a long sigh and with caution fell back into a hammock at la patisserie.. I had an Ice cream con in my hand so I made sure to consumed its divinity rather than spill it over me and add salt to injury. I sunk in, stretched then crossed my short legs and shut my eyes for a moment. My trip to wanderlust commenced.
        The gentle air tickled my hairy fabric, it carried a "je ne se quoi," that bewildered my emotions, From exasperation I felt myself fall into nonchalance. With it, the air carried wafts of floating croissants and assortments of pastrie, It was heaven. Til out of the raving engines of multiple street cars driven by enraged sun scorched crazies came this loose wired woman. She tooted her own horn from the time she turned into the drive way on her noisy Royal Enfield. I cursed her out for disturbing peace until she took off her helmet.Her air was short, mohawk like and delicately spiky.  I got up and turned to sit on the edges in between the hammock and I watched her.
        Being a man(apparently), my mind was blank at this point, she had broken all norms of the stereotyped woman. She was the one!  The sun beamed over her, her skin glimmered like polished oak yet was possibly soft as refined peanut butter. Over gravel in the parking lot she walked with ease and made her way onto the paved pathway. It lead to the patio where I was. Her gait was gentle yet had a determined swing to it. It wasn't sexy; it was artistic- the kind that portrayed a form of self expression untampered. Across me was a set of posh patio furniture made of tainted white metal. She took a sit, threw her left leg over her right going for an European leg cross. Below her knee was a tiny yin and yang tattoo akin to the one on the back of her palm. She pulled out her phone and a novel from her mustard yellow sling bag. She laid them on the table besides an ash tray, the phone atop the latter. "Excuse me," She said to the passing waiter. Her voice denoted a harsh timbre yet when she went on to speak she seemed to mean well. I watched her for a moment, she was strange and I couldn't take it any longer. I got up and walked to her. "Is there any chance I could Join you?" I asked...

To be continued...

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  1. lol why a season two you had got me in when it's more interesting anyway beautiful piece waiting for what's next