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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 2 June 2013

A morning in India

Today, I battled the morning yawn
and feasted my eyes on the ambience
of the morning sun. It's amazing all the
things I have missed in my layers and layers
of sleep. But today, I witnessed something different;
It's rather good to know how many people
battle with sleep in the morning. At least
now I know we make a team. From the multiples of
stray dogs to the man that drove passed us
attempting to yawn and brush each single tooth
in his mouth with a stick for a tooth brush,
the dozing driver that almost knocked the edge
of my scooter. Then, the prize winner; You would
never believe it, but, as I drove passed through the
service road with an MRP wine shop to its side.
I happened to see two fellows, patiently waiting
for the keeper to open and bless them with their dew.
At least, the morning service was packed to the bream
as I dropped off another special entry... 

A morning in India. 

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