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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sentiments of a HeArt

I'm seated wondering how to fill up the gap in my portrait,
                          but the thoughts are condescending into errors.
I can’t quite have my portrait without my other half;
                         it’s like monalisa without her queer smile…
I could add tear drops down the skin of my cheek bones,
                         but am not sure I want my portrait full of sorrow.
I've been contemplating thoughts of complete eras-al ,
                         but like the thoughts, it’s a dying proposal.
I once had the perfect portrait, tatted in a beautiful hue.
                          Its beauty was the non-fading paint conjoined.
Love is like a cluster of artistically mixed colours.
                          The permanent colours never fade away…

My heart, it grows weary.
for I can’t understand the feelings brought forth by the missing piece.
I remember each part that was bright;
from her glowing smile, to the shine of her bright beautiful body.
She was my better half;
more like the half that was missing for my completion.
It’s now clear about my missing rib;
for with her, I felt pieced together, a whole of sorts.
I would surely like to tear,
ayeh, sometimes tears are a waving sign of an awful goodbye.
My heart pushed her away,
but I hope my undying sentiments keep her on our canvas. 

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